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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Prizes & a Pyrex Trick

Hi everyone, a very exhausted Hanna here.  It has been a busy week with my birthday and then my first two days back to work for the school year.  I wish I could say I am like all those cute teachers on their blogs, sharing their secrets and excitement for the new school year.  I'm more like the teacher that has no idea what she is teaching and drinks too much wine in the evenings.  I will snap out of it, but right now I'm bitter summer is over.

Well, moving on.  I bought myself a few little goodies for my birthday.  First, I got this cute little pitcher at the antique mall here in town.  I can't wait for Sister to visit so we can use it!

Next, I headed across the river to a huge antique mall that I sometimes like to visit.  I searched the whole place and didn't find a single thing I needed or wanted believe it or not.  As I was walking out I caught a glimpse of the words, "Wisconsin," and was lucky to find a souvenir table cloth.  I know Sister collects these, but if there was one other state I would live in, it would definitely be Wisconsin, so I had to have it.  (Sorry for the wrinkly shot)

Now to the tale of the Pyrex trick.  When the husband and I got home from my b-day adventures there was a package in the mailbox wrapped in newspaper.  Attached was the nicest note from my friend telling me I didn't look a day over 20 and how he found this Pyrex bowl (442 pink Goosberry) while thrifting in Boston.  

Now, I should have known right then that this was suspicious.  First, he never thrifts.  Second, all he does is pick on me about Pyrex, but I was too excited to think clearly.  I raved to Sister and Husband about how I loved the bowl and it was such a nice gift.  Then Husband showed me my Pyrex display.

What is that?  A missing bowl in my pink Gooseberry set?  I was so excited I didn't even think that my friend was sneaky enough to wrap up one of my pieces.  I couldn't be mad, because it was a really good trick.  Instead, I've decided that periodically both him and Husband should wrap up my Pyrex and give it to me as gifts.  I mean, do I really know all the pieces I have?  No way, it just happened he chose to wrap a piece I recently purchased and displayed, so it was clearly missing when it was finally pointed out to me.  Now, if you got in my cupboard and pulled a piece out, I would probably have no idea that it was something I already owned.  I think this may be a sign I have a problem.

One more day to get my classroom ready, then next Tuesday I can officially turn my sanity over to middle schoolers.  Pray for me.

~Sister Hanna


  1. I bet they just cracked themselves up! Good prank! Side note: you guys are so lucky to have each other and that you both enjoy this stuff with you, my brothers think I'm nuts!

  2. Haha that is a good one. Happy birthday!

  3. Oh Hanna! You gave me a good laugh this morning! First, I chuckled over your teacher image. I can relate. I'm a home schooler and once upon a time I was one of those cute home schooling moms who wore a denim jumper and had a loaf of home made bread under one arm and a baby goat under the other and I just looooved home schooling! Now with my nest almost empty I'm like, "Hey Micah! have you thought about going off to school one day!?" :) Nope! He looooves home schooling!

    But then the story of your Pyrex gift really set me laughing! Ha-ha! I can't imagine having so much Pyrex that I wouldn't catch that but then again, I once said the same about craft supplies and now i'm drowning over here! :)

    I hope you had a great birthday! ♥