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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What We Found at Portland's Largest Garage Sale

Hi Everyone!

It's been a long day.  I finally just got a chance to sit down after working outside all morning and afternoon.  We are going to be having some really nice and warm weather here over the next few days so I have to take advantage when I can. We have a graduation party here in less than 6 weeks and fingers crossed it will be nice enough where we can have it outside.  But this is Oregon.  You never know...

The morning after Plucky Maidens, Hanna, our mom, Maddie, and I headed to Portland's Largest Garage Sale.  None of us had ever been before and the advertising promised antiques along with other garage sale type items from over 600 vendors.  We had the whole day with nothing planned so we figured why not?

When we first walked in the door, there were two vendors side by side each with booths full of vintage kitchen stuff.  I told Hanna "This is gonna be good".

I already had the same version of this little doll only she is wearing a red dress.  I hope to come across the whole set of them someday.  For now, this cutie with the pale pink dress looks right at home next to her sister.

Can't pass up vintage tablecloths, especially when they are $3 apiece.  I was super surprised to open up the pink floral one to find it to be an Iowa souvenir!

Souvenir glass jackpot!  Surprisingly, I didn't already have any of these.  I wasn't sure but for a dollar apiece, I took the risk.

I haven't found a bread box in a really long time.  Aren't the strawberries so sweet?

It is so hard for me to pass up canisters.  And long time readers of our blog will surely recognize the Blakely Oil Cactus glass next to it.  I have the pitcher, all of the glasses, and now the cocktail shaker!

My last treasure I paid a whopping quarter for.  It's a pink Wonder Cup in the original box.  I remember my mom having one of these when I was younger.  

So I would describe this Garage Sale as more of a flea market.  Lots and lots of stuff, both newer and old as well as vendors selling things like vitamin supplements and Scentsy products.  It took us a good two hours to get all the way through.  Prices were all over the place.  I saw one of the exact souvenir glasses that I paid a dollar for in another booth for $9.  They hold this event a couple of times a year and I plan on going back to the next one.

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  1. You found some beautiful things! Of course I love the sweet little dollie and the linens are great. I would love to go to something like that. I posted my thrift finds this week. It's fun, isn't it? Hugs!

  2. Awesome finds. I would tell you what I liked best, but I liked it all! I'm gonna come visit some day and go to where you find so many good finds.

  3. Dang! I should have gone but I'm happy to know it's been preapproved by the ThrifterSisters! Ps Heading to Alameda again this weekend. Will you be there?

  4. I'd go back again too! You must have been excited when you saw good stuff right away - what a weekend you had!

  5. Glad you tested the waters at the garage sale. Now I know what to expect if I decided to venture to one. Great price on those tablecloths!

  6. This post has me super excited for Paris Street Market next Saturday in my town! That doll is adorable. Is it Edward Mobley? Looks like it could be, but maybe not.

    I want that Wonder Cup! My Pampered Chef one is crud and not very cute. Pink! Twenty-give cents?! I'm starting to think you should play the lottery. You seem to have great luck.

    Heather @ Lark & Lola

  7. What great prices! Especially for the tablecloths! 3.00?? That's rare!
    Fun stuff!
    Erica :)

  8. Great finds. Wow just $3 for those tablecloths! Loved all the goodies. I may have to venture to the sale next time. Have a great week and enjoy this nice weather.

  9. As always, you always buy great stuff. I would've picked up every single thing you did... you know, if I had gotten to the good stuff first! ;)

  10. My favorite is the strawberry bread box. But I always love everything you find. And I can't resist canisters, either.

  11. Such wonderful goodies!! Love those tablecloths and what a steal for them!! :) Everything else is so cute too! :) Happy Wednesday!
    xo Holly

  12. Loving those tins :) What a fun few hours you had.

  13. You found some great treasures! My daughter and I keep hearing ads for that show and wondering if it would be worth the very long drive. I'm getting more and more tempted. :-)

  14. My fave has to be the bread box. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at History & Home!