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Thursday, April 3, 2014

At The Flea...

Last Sunday morning, I headed out bright and early to our local flea market.  I was by myself on this adventure.  Seems sleeping in on your last day of Spring Break was more important to my partner in crime (ahem, Maddie).  So I hit the fairgrounds and bucked up my $7.50 hoping to make the early morning and crazy early admission fee worth my while.

Vintage games are one of my newest collections. Basically I buy them if the boxes are cute. I don't care if they are complete or not.  This one still has the original 39 cent price tag on it!

The seller I bought this game from told me that he had tons more and he would bring them next time. I hope he remembers!

When I saw the peach tulips on this tablecloth, I knew it had to come home with me.  I have never seen anything like it before.

This is the first time I have ever found vintage pillowcases at the flea market.  I love these!  They are perfect for Spring.

I used to find these softcover cookbooks all the time.  I haven't picked up any in quite a while so I was happy to find one.

The only cute Easter card I have is the one that Hanna gave me last year. Now I have an official collection.

I found the mint green tray that goes with several other trays I have.  I am almost positive the butter dish is repro Jadeite but since the Fire King one I want is well over a hundred dollars, this 5 dollar one will do just fine.  When I found the Lustro Ware turquoise plastic scoop, it was so dirty it was hard to know exactly what color it was.  It cleaned up nicely though.

These two bowls were my favorite finds of the morning.  I have been wanting to put together the Hazel Atlas polka dot bowls and I'm well on my way with the largest of the set.  And it's been raining Rainbow Stripes for me lately.  Even though I have found several pieces in the last few weeks, I am most excited about this particular bowl because it finally completes my blue set.

Absolute perfection, don't you agree?

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Have a great day!



  1. A good jaunt to the flea market even if Maddie stayed warm in bed. Always love old games..the graphics on the boxes and gameboards are the best.

  2. You did great! I love those sweet cards and the pillowcases are such a rare find. Love all of the fun graphics in the games, too! I did a thrift store post today, too. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  3. Erica - those bowls are awesome! And the fact that you have 3 full sets! Wow! Are you going to do the tan set?

  4. OK- I don't know how Pyrexlove shows the striped bowls, but my Grandma Glo had the original set and it came with one of each color. We dug in her cupboards and found them. She gave me the tan and the pink one. But she said the blue and yellow must have been sold in one of her many garage sales. Boooo. Did you realize that that's how they came? You probably did.
    I LOVE the ducky box of sewing cards! How cute would that be in a babie's room? Maybe it should go in Hanna's baby box! LOL
    Hope you guys have a great weekend.
    Erica :)

  5. Well...they must have come lots of different ways right? My Grandma's set had a PINK 401 and a TAN 402. So weird!

  6. Oh good gravy! Those bowls are KILLING me!!! And well, everything else is too. But still, those bowls!!! Gorgeous!

  7. More games, that sounds promising!!!

  8. Loving your pyrex collection, I doubt if you can ever collect enough! Gorgeous blog,

  9. You're killing me too!

    I've seen 3 stripes - one beat up tan that I bought that could be saved, another beat up tan that was beyond saving & a minty blue for $25. Left the blue. I sooooo want some stripes! !

  10. You and your bowls!!! Every time I stop by I see more bowls that you've found. You have a real knack for finding the good ones! BTW, I would love to go to a picnic at your house because I'm imagining all the potato salads and baked beans and potato chips and such all in their own pretty Pyrex bowl :)

  11. Absolute perfection indeed! I love the stripe bowls! Kudos on the $5 butter dish! Repro or not it still looks great!