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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some Plucky and Portland Finds

Wow!  What a week!  Hanna here.  I think I may still be recovering from a busy weekend with Erica, Maddie, and our Mom.  We did some serious vintage shopping and had such a great time but this week is now just dragging by.  Our weekend was filled with Plucky Maidens, thrift stores, antique malls, boot shops, malls, you name it, we did it.  I've become more selective in my purchases, as my poor little house is bursting at the seams and I don't really want Matt to divorce me.  I do have some fun things to share, so here we go!
 First from Plucky.  The graphics on this hat box are phenomenal!
 I was sold when I saw the lid.  If you look closely, there is a sweet little deer above the Great Lakes.
 And another view.  I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with it, but it is definitely going somewhere where I can see it daily.
 The globe craze has obviously hit Portland.  I saw so many globes last weekend, like probably 50+, I'm not joking.  Most were priced from $20-$80.  I picked this one up at Plucky for $8.  It's not in the best shape but the price was just right.
I really love the sunrise and sunset detail on top.  I haven't done any research about this one yet, but its marked Replogle Chicago.  Any of you globe people out there have any information for me?

I wish I could say this came home with me!  It was so tempting!  As some of you know, I was a fish and wildlife major in college and I am a lover of nature, field guides, and anything vintage from a classroom.  This was from a classroom in the Netherlands and was seriously so cool!  I should have got it, I will never see one like it again.  I may never forgive myself.
 I picked up some new drinking glasses, I think Erica is rubbing off on me.  The 2 red ones came from the giant garage sale at the Portland Expo Center.  The orange flower glass is of course my favorite color and I have a thing for sailboats (its looks great with my McKee sailboat collection.)

My sweet Sister picked up this pixie planter for me that is just so cute and tiny.  I grabbed these Gurley mushrooms at Stars Antique Mall to mix in with all my woodland creatures.  No matter how hard I try, I still keep bringing Berggren Trayner stuff home.  This is the 6th tile I've purchased but still haven't figured out what to do with.  This one says, "You can never have too much wine or Pyrex."  Or at least that's what I told Matt it says!
Maddie and Erica also got me a few things.  The Alice in Wonderland is a journal with pages from the book at the beginning and end of it.  Maddie got one too, but a different year.  They came from an awesome booth at Plucky Maidens.  Maddie also found me a new bird book to add to my collection, she has such a great eye for things that I love!

That's it for me.  Only a few things, but I'm super excited about them.  There are two estate sales tomorrow morning that I'm headed to, so lets hope for some more fun finds.

I'm linking up with Vintage Thingie Thursday and Thrifty Things Friday!
Always a Pleasure!


  1. That hat box is amazing! What a fun find. I have one globe that came from my parents house and I love it. Fun finds! Thanks for joining TTF!


  2. Great plucky finds and good to see you..even if it was only briefly. I love the nature poster! If you change your mind I think I know which booth it was in and am friends with the vendor..just saying.

  3. Your best bet on dating a globe is looking at Africa. Look to see what countries are there and use wikipedia to see what years they were in existence, etc.

  4. That hat box!!! I've never seen, and probably never will see, a hat box as cool as that one. Great find!
    And I hate to add to your regret...but... you should have totally bought that dang chart!!! : )

  5. All fantastic finds! the hat box is my favorite because it has a map. I'm a little crazy for maps. In fact, the illustrations the hat box are very similar to what are on the pages of a very old school atlas I have. Sorry about the wildlife chart. We all have stories like that, I'm afraid, with accompanying regret.

  6. what a great old hat box I have never seen that pattern

  7. Everybody loves the hat box,me too!

  8. Yes, the graphics on the hat box are amazing! But I really love the colors on it. Such pretty tones!
    I didn't know those Gurley mushrooms existed. Seems like more and more keep popping up!
    Great stuff! Erica :)

  9. The glasses and the globe are my favorites! Love all your finds. I am going to start following you. You seem like my kind of gal.


  10. Yup - that hat box is ahhhhmmazzzing!

    Great mushrooms, too.

  11. Fan-freaking-tastic hat box!!!!!! LOVE!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn