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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Erica's Plucky Finds

Good Morning!
As Hanna mentioned in her last post, last weekend was a whirlwind of junk hunting.  Per the norm, I ended up with way more than she did so my posts are going to have to be broken down just a little bit more so that I don't bombard you with everything all at once.  My house is bigger and my husband is a little more tolerant so I tend to buy a lot more. 
I love going to the Plucky Maidens shows.  I never miss them.  My only complaint is that I wish they were bigger!  I can get through the whole thing in less than an hour, usually less.  But I always find good stuff, even if I have to hunt a little harder.  Plus, they serve booze.  Enough said.
Maddie found herself another piggy bank for her collection out of a dollar box along with the smallest of the Lustro Ware scoops.  I found the larger size at the flea market a few weeks ago.  I think there are three total in the set so I am still on the hunt.  The first thing I bought were the two red floral Swanky Swigs.  I have a pretty big collection of these glasses but none with this particular graphic. 

Eagle Eye Maddie spotted this $3 grab bag of vintage candles for another one of her collections. 

The mug rack is destined for some chalk paint and the Arizona dish towel is faded but still cute!

Hanna showed you all the Alice in Wonderland journal that Maddie picked out for her. The Golden Book of Gardening is the one I got for myself.  I also picked up two tape holders for my collection and the globe bank I got from the same booth that Hanna got her awesome $8 full size globe.

So that's it for Plucky finds.  A small haul but enough to make me happy.  We got to spend a tiny amount of time visiting with Laurie & Amy plus Maddie and I were able to add to our ever growing collections.  Can't complain about that!

Next time.....my Portland's Largest Garage Sale scores!

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  1. Wonderful finds, somehow I still can not get in touch with you to see if. I could show you my pyrex? Any suggestions?

  2. Completely missed that little blue pig. Glad it went to Maddie if not me! I agree that a bigger plucky would be awesome.

  3. Nice finds. I like the little blue pig.


  4. I love seeing your finds ----- most especially Maddie's!

  5. It's always fun to go treasure hunting:) Fun finds! The pyrex dish is going to the booth. I looked it up on sold ebay and was happy to see it could sell for a "few" dollars :) I can hardly wait for garage sales. With the weather, it's slow going here...can't wait to see your goodies!

  6. Wow, these candles look so cute! I found one some candles on a flea market, still using them.
    Greetings from Germany!

  7. Great finds! Especially loving that little globe

  8. Always great finds for you guys! Love the towel, faded and all. That pig is the sweetest too. With all you find, your house must be huge! :)

  9. Fun! I'm wondering what the Plucky Maidens thing is but I am guessing it is an annual or bi-annual vintage show?

    I love seeing other people's finds! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Such sweet and great finds!! Love the vintage birthday candles and the pretty gardening book! So fun!! Happy new week! xo Holly

  11. I'm loving that globe bank! How neat!!!

  12. No wonder you look forward to Plucky Maidens, you always find such great things!

  13. I love it all. Every last thing. :)