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Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Passing By...

Happy Monday, Everyone! 

Wait, Happy and Monday in the same sentence?  Am I crazy?  Nope.  It's 76 degrees outside and gorgeous.  As I write this, I am sitting on my back patio with an iced tea trying to remind myself that it is still early Spring and I do live in Oregon.  This won't last.  But I have to take advantage when I can!

A while back, one of my favorite estate sale companies had a sale that I was never going to be able to get to early enough to get in line before it started.  There were some great things listed and I was super bummed that I couldn't get there right away.  I had conferences scheduled with a few of Maddie's teachers and what kind of mother would I be if I skipped out on them in order to attend an estate sale?  So after the conferences, I headed into town to run the rest of my errands.  Believe it or not, I had all but forgotten about the sale.  Then, on my way to Target, I drove right by it. I was positive that the things I spotted in the online photos would be gone since the sale had been going on for over an hour but I figured I may as well stop and see what else I could find.

As for the things that I was hoping to grab but figured they would be gone?  They were still there!  Every single thing!

Like this amazing quilt.  I just need a few consecutive days of warm and sunny weather so I can wash it and lay it outside to dry.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this phone.  Why wouldn't someone pick it up?!

I found this suitcase in a room that had quite a few dealers in it.  It must have been meant to be mine!

I picked up a few smalls too

Like these old bottles that I will use in my Halloween decorations

And a couple green handled kitchen things for my collection

Deer & donkey friends will never be left behind.

Another old bottle and a vintage box of chalk for my collection.

Maddie loves these Archie & Sabrina glasses.  She will have quite the collection someday.

Fire King Snoopy mugs are always great sellers for me.  They help to fund my never ending thirst for vintage!

How sweet is the Beulah mug?  It's the perfect sugar holder for my coffee corner.  The Squaw Hazel Atlas shot glass is my second in this series and I never pass up these glass measuring cups.  I just hope I find a pink one someday!

I'm so glad that I stopped at this sale.  I still can't believe that I found as much as I did.  Sales around here tend to be pretty picked over by the second hour in so I definitely got lucky!

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Have a great week!



  1. You get great Erica. Love that Beulah mug and glad to hear you will use and display it, adorable. Sometimes going to a sale later just works out. It sure did for you!

  2. Erica you found a lot of great things! So neat that being a good mother and getting late to the sale still paid off for you. Have a great week! xx Dianne

  3. Love that phone!!! Love it!!

  4. Love every single thing you bought! How could someone pass up such amazing things? I had the suitcase haul of the century this weekend -- I really love yours! :)

  5. All that stuff was just waiting for you to find it. It was meant to be yours! And I would have totally tripped you running to grab that phone!

  6. Ring-a-ding ding! What luck! That pink rotary phone is fantastic and I like the suitcase too. Like you said MEANT TO BE!!! Rotary phones are our "idiot test" at the Casablanca, haha that and the secret button that opens the fridge!

  7. Isn't it amazing when it's all still there in the afternoon? That pink phone is my favorite! Ethel and I were in awe of the beautiful weather yesterday while we drove through Oregon -- perfect day!!

  8. love the cute coral phone what a great throw back

  9. Great finds! I have found it's always worth it to stop....there is usually always some treasure no one grabbed.

  10. I did the same thing once. Hit a sale late with the hope of scoring a couple of things in the photos..and they were still there! AMAZED when that happens and doesn't it make you giddy? Meant to be....

  11. Yay! Great estate sale day.
    And I love the double wedding ring quilt. Beautiful.

  12. Great finds, I Love that pink phone !

  13. Wow!! Weren't you lucky! That phone is fantastic and I love the suitcase, too!