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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage Gifts Are the Best

Sister Hanna here.  Sister threatened to change the blog to the Pyrex Thrifter Sister, so I figured I better get a quick one on here before she disowns me.  I'm down visiting the thrifter Mom, and then am headed to see Sister Thursday, but they both already couldn't help it and gave me some special prizes.

Sister picked up all the Pyrex prizes for me.  I vaguely remember saying I was only collecting 441s because I'm running out of room.  Don't worry, I'm not complaining, I excitedly accepted the butterprint serve and stores and the the beautiful turquoise bowl.  Please note, I think Sister may be letting me collect her color now!

Now, the illusive thrifter Mom has surprised both Sister and I in the last week.  She called to tell me she was going to an estate sale to find Sister a birthday gift which I'm sure Sister will blog about soon.  When I got to her house she had this beautiful Fenton hobnail vase for me!  This is my first piece of Fenton glass, but I think I may have to start collecting a few pieces.  It all makes sense where Sister and I get our thrifting eye, Mom has just been hiding her skills till now.  All three of us plus Miss Madelyn are headed to some garage sales Friday, so hopefully we wont have too much competition amongst the four of us!

Happy Thrifting!
Sister Hanna

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