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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Catchin' Up

As you all know, life can get pretty busy.  With the end of the school year activities, Summer league basketball 6 days a week, and not one but 5 birthdays last week, it's been a little hard for me to keep caught up with blogging and all of my finds.  Only two more days of school to go, though.  My goal for the Summer is to blog as I find things.  Otherwise, it just gets too out of control.
These little deer are part of Maddy's figurine collection.  She got one from my aunt and I found it's friend at the flea market.  I told the lady who had it at the flea market that it was for my daughter and she gave it to me for half price.  How nice!
I needed something cute to store pet food in and this large tin was perfect.  I got this at the flea market too.  I think it's way cuter than a plain 'ol bag of cat food.
So I had mixed feelings about this Made in Japan cookie jar.  It doesn't have any chips in it but the paint is chipping off in some spots.  What changed my mind?  The $2.00 price tag.  I use it to hold water flavoring packets on my counter.  Just about every vintage item I buy, I use in some way or another. It may not be for its original purpose, but it gets used nonetheless.
I found this Kromex range set at a 2nd hand store that was going out of business.  Everything was 40% off.  It was a pretty big store and this is all that I found.  But I love Kromex so I'm okay with not finding anything else.  I only paid $1.30 for the set.
I hit the jackpot at an out of town Goodwill on the Taylor Smith & Taylor dishes I've been starting to collect.  Someone must have been doing some spring cleaning. 
I found these dish towels at a yard sale.  They are long enough that I can use them as table runners on my dining room table.  They were pretty yellowed and didn't smell very good but a long soak in Oxy Clean got them looking almost new.
These are part of my newest collection.  Kissing salt & pepper shaker sets.  I got these at a church rummage sale for $1.00.  Pretty cute, huh?

That's all (for now).  I'm really looking forward to the lazy days of summer.  Hope you all are too!

Thrifter Sister Erica


  1. Loving the dish towels! Does oxiclean really work? how long did you soak things?

  2. Yes! It works amazing. Depending on what I am soaking (dish towel/Table cloths), I use 1/2-1 full scoop and soak for 6 hours in a sink of hot water. If it still has stains after 6 hours, I will empty the sink and do the whole process again for another 6-12 hours. I have never had anything not come completely clean. It just takes a little patience. I never put the linens in the dryer. I always hang them to dry on a clothesline outside.