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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Early in The Week Sale

Every so often this time of year, I will come across a sale that starts early in the week.  More often than not, they are full of random kids stuff and garage junk (both of which I have enough of).  If I have the time, I always do a drive by.  Here's what I found at a random, Tuesday morning sale
You can pretty much guess that it can't be too bad of a sale if you spot pottery as you are getting out of your car.
More awesome vintage pottery.  I LOVE the little pink and blue deer planter the best.
I actually picked up this cute pink basket at an antique mall a couple of weeks ago.  The tablecloth I found at this sale matches it almost perfect.  I can't seem to pass up a vintage tablecloth. 
I have been finding vintage metal plant stands here and there.  The basket one I found at this sale and the other one I got at a sale a few weeks ago.  Anything that is not made of wood I can buy and display in my yard.  My dog, Brewski, is pretty sure he is a beaver and loves to eat wood.  Just ask my sad little Welcome bear out front that is missing his nose.
This is the second Fire King 8 inch white swirl bowl that I have picked up.  I know that there are more in the set but I can't ever seem to find any other sizes. 

So there you have it, thrifter pals.  Hopefully this Tuesday morning sale is a prelude to what I can expect for the weekend!

If you haven't had a chance yet, head over to The Pyrex Collective 2 and check out what I found at the unadvertised estate sale I came across last Friday.  Here's the link http://pyrexcollective2.blogspot.com/2012/06/patience-pays-off.html

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  1. Nice fire king bowl... I only have a couple FK pieces... I'm afraid of starting another collection!

    1. Thanks! I also have a couple of the swirl bowl in Jadeite. They are pretty useful and the only other bowls I collect other than Pyrex.