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Saturday, June 30, 2012

God Bless America!

With the 4th of July quickly approaching, I thought it would be a good time to share some of my decorations with you.....
I learned from the wonderful blogger, Laurie over at Magpie Ethel, that your holiday decorations don't have to be holiday specific.  You can decorate just as festive by sticking with the color scheme associated with whatever holiday you are decorating for.  Notice in my display that I don't have a lot of 4th specific decorations, but I do have a lot of red, white and blue objects.
I got this vintage dance poster from Magpie Ethel's etsy shop and it goes perfect with my display. I borrowed Miss Maddie's July angel figurine and stuck some Dollar Tree flags into the old RC bottle I blogged about last time.

I found a bunch of these old tins at an estate sale a while back.  And the little horse face you see?  It's a little rocking horse and I bought it for $3.00 simply because of the colors.  I knew I could incorporate it into my holiday decor somehow.
More tins from the esate sale, the pink McCoy Abraham Lincoln planter that I still can't find out anything about, a couple of old blue mason jars, and a set of Federal Glass milk glass picnic print mugs.  The red, white, and blue picnic basket almost caused a serious injury.  I noticed it out of the car window when Sister and I were pulling up to a garage sale and tried to jump from the car before she stopped.  Good thing she had the doors locked.

Hope everybody has a safe & happy 4th of July!



  1. You nailed that red, white and blue display and love how you took to heart using the colors to add some vintage interest. Really makes you look at vintage items differently huh? The dance poster is PERFECT..have to admit I did not look at that one through my red, white and blue glasses!

  2. Looks fantastic! I love doing this with valentine's day (my favorite). I have red and white objects just for that holiday. Love your blog. Stacey johnson from www.gfpastorswife.blogspot.com and Vintage Values, Modern Times page on Facebook. :)

  3. Love you fourth of july decorations! so americana, just perfect