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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun Finds?

Do you all notice that it can be quite difficult to find a new and snappy blog title for each time you blog?  Bear with me as I experiment. I'm pretty sure that there will be some cheesy titles yet to come.

Now onto the good stuff
My collection of Melmac/Melamine dishware is getting bigger.  I didn't find any for the longest time and now it seems like I come across it at least once a week.  The hard part is finding it in decent condition without scratches.  But the good news is that it usually pretty cheap.  I got this whole stack of plates for $3.00. 
More random plates for my random plate collection.  I found this set of 4 Shenango restaurant ware bread plates at Goodwill for 50 cents apiece. 
I collect vintage soda crates.  My mother in law found me the Pepsi one at a yard sale for $5 (which in this area is a pretty good deal).  The other two, I found at a flea market.  They were each marked $12 and when I asked the guy what kind of deal he could give me if I bought both, he told me $12!
Here they are mixed in with the rest of my collection on my back patio.  For whatever reason, Brewski the beaver dog doesn't bother these even though they are wood.
I got the planter, tin and ice cream scoop at the same flea market. I love how the ice cream scoop works way better than anything that you can buy at the store today.
For those of you who follow our blog, you know how obsessed I was with finding the complete set of Blakely Arizona cactus glasses.  Well, I completed that set awhile ago and I am sure you are all thinking "What, again with the glasses?".  Actually, my husband bought me these from an antique mall for $12 for the set. It was his idea that I should have replacements.  Gotta love a guy who doesn't complain about the junk I drag home and actually brings some home himself!
I came across this huge lot of vintage Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags all new in the original packages at a yard sale.  I got all of it for $2. And yes, I do plan on using it. 
One of the newest things that I have started collecting are vintage souvenir tablecloths. I found this Texas one at the Picadilly flea market. It is one of the very few tablecloths that I have that didn't require a major Oxyclean soaking.  I don't think it has ever been used.  For $4 how could I pass it up?

The boys went fishing so Maddy and I are headed to a couple of Saturday sales. Then it's off to buy some fresh strawberries for the strawberry pie we are making for Brian for Father's Day. 

Have a great weekend!

Sister Erica


  1. Love the Melmac, love the glasses, And is "Wichita Falls" on your Neat-o texas table cloth! Thats where im from :)

    1. Hi Mick!

      Wichita Falls is on it so now we know where to find you when we come visit:-)

      Erica & Hanna

  2. I have actually never came across many Melmac/Melamine dishware around these parts. I would kill for the little plates. My grandmother used to serve my sister & I toast on them.. we used to pick colours.

    However, I'm lucky enough to come upon Pyrex weekly.