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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Schools Out!

Well, we have survived another school year. Miss Maddy will now be "head of the school" as a fifth grader and Alex will be a Junior in high school.  Normally, I'm not completely excited for summer vacation only because it seems like all I hear is "Mom, I'm hungry, bored, hot....etc.".  But as time seems to be going at warp speed lately, I find myself wishing I could press the pause button and keep my kids smaller for a little longer.  I have a feeling that I am not alone in this thought...

Okay, enough wishful thinking.  On to a couple of recent finds!
I found this Santa and some indented ornaments at a sale up the road from my house. The two ladies running the sale were frantically trying to get everything unpacked and ready because two of their helpers bailed on them. They were super nice and one even started to cry because this Santa belonged to her aunt and she remembered it from her childhood. 
I bought this cute little child's suitcase for a dollar at a yard sale.  I planned on using it to store some of my vintage linens but I can't seem to get the "old lady" smell out of it.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
I went to an estate sale and everything looked like it came out of an overpriced antique mall booth.  Nobody was buying anything.  For example, they had an incomplete set of Pyrex Blue Horizon Cinderella bowls for $35.00.  The price sticker said "Vintage Pyrex from 1962".  However, I did manage to find this really super cute set of vintage child's bedroom wall plaques.  I may have paid too much for them ($7) but I figured that they may come in handy in the future (right, Sister?).
Swanky Swigs & a couple of cute juice glasses from an antique mall booth for 20% off.  Need I say more?
I drove clear across town for a sale that promised tons of antiques and vintage housewares.  I got there right when it opened and it was in a teeny, tiny little one car garage and there wasn't a single kitchen collectible to be found.  It was really a bunch of crap.  People were asking for certain things that were in the ad and were getting answers like "oh, we decided not sell that" or "oh, our daughter took that home this morning".  So basically, all the good stuff was skimmed.  The worst thing I saw was someone asked the lady running the sale if the stack of picture frames on the floor were for sale.  She said that yes they were but she probably wouldn't get around to pricing them until later on in the afternoon.  She wasn't doing anything!  I guess they didn't weren't really too interested in selling anything.  I managed to grab these little bunny picks out of the free box. Oh well, you can't win them all.
This is the tiniest little piece of pottery I have found for my collection.  It may be hard to tell from the picture, but it is the prettiest shade of teal green. I bought it at an antique mall and the tag said "Bauer" but it isn't signed. 
And finally, some Pyrex!  Have you ever gone to a sale and upon walking up the driveway know right away that it is a dud?  Well that happened to me last weekend.  The house was going into foreclosure and the yard was more dirt than grass.  The garage was full of junk (and I don't mean the good kind).  I wanted to turn around and go right back to my car but the two girls running the sale were so sweet and I didn't want to be rude so I though I'd at least make an effort.  After doing a quick walk through of the garage, I started to leave when they told me there was more in the back yard.  And there she was.  In the midst of Dollar Tree crap and Goodwill cast-offs, sat this beautiful and perfectly shiny 501 refrigerator dish sans lid from the Daisy pattern.  I asked how much and was told "um, how about a quarter?".  I'm pretty sure she didn't know what kind of treasure she had in her possession. Moral of the story is to obviously not judge a book (or a sale) by it's cover.

So far I'm doing good on keeping my promise to myself to blog as bring things home. I still have a little catching up to do but the fact that I blogged twice in one week is a definite improvement.

Hope you all find some great treasures this weekend!  I'll be checking your blogs to see!

Sister Erica


  1. Don't you just love finding fridgies?? I do!! And it doesn't matter what the pattern is either, only one problem - I hardly ever see them!

    1. I do love finding them! I have been having some pretty good luck coming across them lately after not finding any for months. Isn't it funny how things can go in cycles?