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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Viva La Thrifting!

Hi Readers!

I just posted to The Pyrex Collective II about my exciting Vegas finds so for those of you who are double readers, sorry for the redundancy.  This version will be a little longer and with some funny details.

Those of you who have been to Las Vegas know that the days can seem kind of long when you are stuck on the Strip with no way out.  This was the issue that Sister, the husbands and I were facing on Saturday morning after being there for two whole days.  So we decided to rent a car and go exploring.  Little did the husbands know that this exploring would include a couple thrift store stops.  Plus the fresh air would do our hangovers some good (along with the bottle of champagne that we drank at lunch).

Our first thrifting stop was at a Savers.  As Sister posted, we were very excited to go to our first Savers.  My husband thought it would be funny to park as far away from the entrance as he could and then lock Sister in the car.  He knew how excited we were to be thrifting in a new city.  But as you already know, Savers was a bust.  And not only this particular store.  On Sunday, after everybody else left, the husband and I hit up about 8 other Savers stores and found absolutely zilch.  Is it just us or is Savers the same exact store as Value Village just with a different name?

The next (and last) stop was the Goodwill just down Tropicana.  Sister and I raced to the Housewares department.  We weren't trying to beat each other though.  Our husbands like to find things before we do too and then my husband proceeds to brag about it NON-STOP for days (more on that later).  From a distance, I spotted a glimpse of turquoise goodness.  I literally shoved Sister aside (sorry, Sis) and grabbed not one but two of these beauties...
Sister was happy for me but sad that she didn't get to them first.  Don't worry, Sister.  You know I will give you one!  Normally she doesn't move that slow but she did admit that her reaction time was a little delayed due to all of the alcohol we had been consuming for the last 2 days.  When in Vegas, right?

So by now the husbands had caught up with us.  With all of the times that we have gone to Vegas, they have seen Sister and I shop while a little more than intoxicated but never at a Goodwill.  They just shook their heads in disbelief.  Next thing I hear is my husband saying to me "I'm going to get out of your way".  Good call, hubby.  Unfortunately, that gave him the advantage to move ahead of me and look what he found....
3 red refrigerator dishes!  All perfect and all with lids.  These babies have never seen the insides of a dishwasher, thank goodness!  Now, I am very happy that he found these because it is quite possible that in our current state and due to the fact that they were in the back of a very high shelf, Sister and I may have never found them.  The only disadvantage?  You would have thought that my husband found the Holy Grail.  He has told everybody about his "Pick" in Vegas.  You would have thought that these were the last 3 red Pyrex refrigerator dishes in existence. 

Want to know something crazy besides the $14.00 price tag for all 5 dishes and lids?  We found these late on Saturday afternoon.  I don't know about you, but these would NEVER still be on the shelf at my local Goodwill this late in the day on a weekday or a weekend. 

There is definitely more Vegas thrifting in my future.  How about yours, Sister?

Happy Thrifting!!

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  1. I hardly ever find anything good on the weekends! Luck was on your side!