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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trying to Get Caught Up

A few weeks ago I was patting myself on the back for how well I was doing keeping caught up on taking pictures of all my thrifting finds and blogging about them within a day or two. 

Unfortunately, that was short lived. The days may have gotten longer this week, but I am still managing to constantly be running behind.  So as I lay in bed watching the Jersey Shore finale (did I just admit that?) I figured that I may as well do something productive to hopefully counteract this guilty pleasure.  So here you have it, folks.....last week's thrifting finds.  I told you I was behind!
These are the other things I found last week at the sale that I got the Gene Autry chenille bedspread.  As I have posted before, I collect vintage syrup dispensers but this is my first one with a Bakelite handle.  And how cute is this little birdhouse planter?  There were tons and tons of these crocheted hot pads but at $2.00 apiece I only let myself pick 5.  I got Miss Maddy a dresser scarf and I bought the MR part of the MR & MRS hand towel set because Maddy's initials are MR.  The strawberry tablecloth is the first vintage tablecloth that I have ever come across at a sale without a single stain. I can't wait to use it this Summer.
My husband, Brian, brought these bowls home from Goodwill last week and for the life of me I can't find any information out about them anywhere.  They are very similar to sour cream glasses but they are bowls.  They say "Nestle" on the bottom.  They obviously were used as promotional items at the grocery store but for what?  Does anybody have any ideas?
I snuck out of my house early Saturday morning and went to a rummage sale in the community center of a mobile home park.  The pricing was really good.  I got another Tupperware baking mat, Pyrex Old Town butter dish, old Thermos water jug, and two Federal Glass Canadian Geese shot glasses all for 2 bucks.
A Fire King bowl, some Tupperware measuring cups, some mason jar lids, two old shot glasses with pink pigs on them, and a cute glass cocktail shaker with drink recipes on it.
Two unmarked fired on coffee mugs and two Pyrex Butterfly Gold teacups.  These cups and all of the items in the top photo came from the same Goodwill.  Not a bad haul huh?  The Swanky Swigs were the only other thrifting find I had in Las Vegas besides my refrigerator dishes.  Can you believe I paid a quarter apiece for them?  If only deals like that came along every time I went thrifting I'd never stay home!

I'm really loving the pattern on this plate.  I already have a bowl from this set hope to someday have a lot more pieces.  Sure, I could go on eBay and probably get a lot of it now, but I really enjoy finding one or two pieces at a time to add to my collection.  Sometimes instant gratification isn't the best way to go.
I love finding old things that come with the original box.  I found this Nordic Ware bundt pan along with the box, instructions, and recipe book at a thrift store for $3.00.  (sorry about the flash).

Well, that's it for now.  No school tomorrow so who knows what Miss Maddy and I will end up doing.  But whatever it is, I'm pretty sure it will involve some sort of thrifting.

Until then you can head over to The Pyrex Collective II and see my Pyrex finds from last week. 

Hope you all have had a thrifty week!

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  1. I've learned that instant gratification (the buying Pyrex on the internet kind) always bites me in the behind. So, I'm sticking to finding my treasures in person now. Yes, I'm not finding the pieces I really, really want, but it also extends the hunting, doesn't it? I think you'll find more of that set. And, I love the vintage table cloth! It's stunning. It's so hard to find them without stains. Good job :)