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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sister Left Me!

Ok, I may be overreacting.  Sister just left for her honeymoon and it is a pretty rare occurrence that we vacation separately.  It does make me feel better knowing though that if I wanted to tag along, she would probably let me.  But for the sake of maintaining my awesome relationship with my brother-in-law, I'll leave them alone on this one for now.  But they better not get too used to it!

This has not been the best week.  On Sunday, my washing machine broke and we found out it is not worth fixing. It is an LG and only 4 years old.  Guess what brand I won't be buying again?  Now I have to get a new dryer too since I can't have a mismatched set in my laundry room! So the new set is on order and won't be here until next Wednesday.  Do you have any idea how much laundry a family of 4 can accumulate in 10 days?  I refuse to go to the laundry mat. I just don't have the time.  On Wednesday morning, I awoke to 5" of snow of the ground.  The weathermen in my area are complete idiots and not one of them knew the snow was coming.  We live in the Willamette Valley and it NEVER snows here.  We lost power for a couple of hours and Internet until the next morning.  And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, the hard drive failed on my DirecTV DVR so now I can't watch tv in my room until I get the new one delivered!  AND I lost all my DVR'd shows!  Yeah, this week has not gone well at all.

So I guess I will try to distract myself from missing my sister and my disastrous week and get you all caught up on some of my latest thrifting treasures with what I found at the Piccadilly Flea Market last weekend.

I picked up this awesome turquoise Cosco step chair at the Piccadilly Flea Market last weekend.  I was super excited to find it plus it's my favorite color in vintage kitchenware so there was no need to do any repainting.  It fits perfect at the end of my counter top.  My grandma Gloria had one of these in her kitchen when I was growing up.  It makes me think of her.
I also got this Fire King vase at the flea market.  It's in awesome condition and for only 2 bucks, I couldn't pass it up. 
I've been picking up these Made in Japan stacking flower mugs here and there.  I need to do a little research on them and find out just how many are in the set.  I don't think that they are worth anything but the floral patterns are so vibrant and cute that I don't care. 
This book is so cute.  It's a promotional item from American Fletcher National Bank & Trust Company from 1951.  It is full of household hints that still can be put to use in today's world.  There are tons of ways to save on electricity and ways to stretch your dollar at the grocery store.  I guess the concept of saving money never changes, even as the years go by.

Tomorrow, the hubby, kids & I are heading south to go to an antique show and do some thrifting.  Even my 15 year old son, Alex is going.  I'm pretty sure that he is more interested in the awesome pizza parlor that the town is known for than the thrifted treasures that (hopefully) await us.  It should be a really good day.  I need it.

Until next time....

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  1. Oh, I feel your pain. In December, my washer malfunctioned and I had to replace washer and dryer because they sat on a joint pedestal. Luckily, new appliances were delivered within 2 days. Shortly after, just days before Christmas, my refrigerator died!

    I have to say I would be so upset if my TiVo died and I lost all my shows. If my house was burning, I would grab kids, cats, and the DVR!