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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taking A Break

Since we got home from our trip on Monday, it seems like all I have done is run around and try to get caught up.  By the time I get a chance to crawl into bed at night the last thing I want to do is try and use my brain and write a witty blog.  I would much rather watch The Real Housewives.  But after tripping over a Goodwill bag walking into my office this afternoon, I decided now was of good a time as any to get caught up on the blog.  Plus, the aforementioned Goodwill bag is only one of several bags littering my office floor.  The hubby did a little thrifting a few days ago and I managed to head to a couple stores today so before I can tell you about those finds, I need to fill you all in on my last ones.
Remember a few posts ago I showed you the Arizona Barrel Cactus pitcher I picked up at the flea market?  Well evidently they sell for quite a lot of money.  I just found one that sold recently on eBay for $100.00!  There are also two sets of glasses that go with it that also sell for quite a bit.  Against my husbands wishes, I have decided not to sell my pitcher right now.  I really like it a lot.  It may be my favorite.  So as you can imagine, I was pretty excited to find another glass that goes with it at Goodwill.  I freaked out a little after I found it and to the detest of the other shoppers and employees, I proceeded to pull every single glass off the shelves looking for more.  But there were no more to be found.  I did find this etched Oregon CatStudio glass, though.  I got the Arizona one a few years ago from a fancy little boutique here in town.  I paid $18.00 for it!  This one was only 99 cents.  I also found these cute cut glass salt & pepper shakers with Bakelite tops.  They tried to charge me $1.99 apiece!  Who buys ONE salt & pepper shaker?  After arguing discussing it with the manager, she finally saw my point and let me have both for $1.99.  I'm pretty sure she just wanted me and my glass moving butt out of the store.
Yes, I know.  I am sure you are thinking "more coffee mugs, Thrifter Sister?  Really?".  In my defense, every single coffee mug that I have listed on eBay has sold.  You just have to know which ones to look for.  But I am pretty sure that some of the thrift stores are catching on to this trend.  One Goodwill I went to today had a plain Starbucks mug for $2.99 where as I can usually find them between 50 cents and a dollar.  The workers probably read our blogs and see what we are selling and/or collecting.  We bloggers should unite and invent a new blogspeak language.
Don't you love it when sellers at antique malls have no idea what they have?  I mean, seriously.  How hard is it to do a little online research and see that a set of 3 of these Corning Military Hand Warmer mugs just sold on eBay for $75.00?  Maybe then the lightbulb would go off and they would not sell the ones they have to me for $2.00 apiece. 
It must have been my day for antique mall scores because at the next one I went to I found this Fire King Jadeite batter bowl for $10.00 originally marked $38.00.  Jadeite for under $20.00 at an antique store?  Yes, please.
Don't ask.  Let's just pretend like you didn't see this.  I am wondering if it is at all possible for me to go a week without bringing home a beautiful vintage ice lip pitcher.  It's pretty rare to find one that has no chips in the lip so when I do, I feel like I have to bring it home.  Makes sense, right?  Right?!!!  Come on readers, reassure me!

Okie doke.  Enough mindless babbling.  Sorry about the long blog but if I don't act like I am doing something on the computer, no one in my house will leave me alone.  Tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means?  Estate Sales!  Woo hoo!! 

Until next time, Thriftaholics!


  1. You find such great stuff - it's all the same kind of thing that I would pick up!!!

  2. I knew there was a reason we followed each others blogs ;-)

  3. I would have snatched up that batter bowl!