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Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Sister Makes it Home

Well, I headed home this morning, but Sister is staying an additional day in Las Vegas.  Yesterday we talked the guys into going to a few thrift stores in hopes they would stop loosing all their money at the casino.  Sister and I had never been to a Saver's, so we decided to check it out.  We were unfortunately disappointed!  I know we both have read about peoples' great finds at the Saver's stores, but we started having a flash back to Value Village, which we also don't seem to have a lot of luck at.  
   Next we headed to Goodwill where Sister had a great find (I am going to let her tell this comical story when she gets home.)  I, on the other hand did not find anything.  Was it the over-stimulation from Las Vegas, or have I lost my touch?  Lets just say, I really needed a pick me up, and thats exactly what I got.
   The Husband and I had to go pick up our fur child aka Piper from my sister-in-laws' when we flew into Portland today.  We just so happened to drive right by my favorite Goodwill in Portland and with a little begging I convinced him to stop.  I ran inside, and a tear came to my eye when I found these 3 gems:
I didn't even bother to look at the price, I just knew I HAD to have these.  When I checked out, I could barely contain my excitement when my total came to $5.97!  They were really dirty, so I had some work to do when I got home.  The yellow bowl was pretty scratched, but lucky me, Sister had given me a yellow bowl on her last visit.  I also did a little searching through my cabinets and low and behold, I had a red bowl too!  Here is my new addition, and actually MY FIRST COMPLETE SET!
So, although I thought Vegas had robbed me of my luck, it just so turns out I was saving it for home!  Sister, you need to come home so you can tell everyone about your exciting Vegas pick!

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