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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sister (And Brother & Miss Maddy) Saturday Thrifting

So Sister and I had the idea to spend a couple of hours on Saturday morning doing a little thrifting around my town.  As she has mentioned, she only has a couple of spots that she can thrift at in her coastal town so this was like coming to the big city for her.  Brother and Miss Maddy tagged along with us too!

Our first stop was an estate sale that started on Friday and advertised "50 Years of Collecting".  There was still so much there that I couldn't imaging what Friday must have looked like.  Bummer we couldn't have gone then.  The prices were great.  Each item in the first picture was 10 cents and the cute little advertising thermometer was only a quarter.  I love sales like that!
Then it was off to another estate sale.  Finally, a decent estate sale weekend!  There has been quite a dry spell here due to the holidays and the weather so even though it was also the second day of this sale, there was still a line to get in.  I got these heavy duty Pyrex custard cups and this little yellow Bauer planter.  I bought Sister the little bird salt & pepper shakers.  She has a Pepsi crate that she turned into a shelf at her house and it can only hold tiny things.  Sadly for her, she forgot them when she went home on Sunday. 

The advertisement for the next sale was on Craigslist and looked really fancy and professional but talk about false advertising.  Brother had his hand over his mouth the whole time and didn't breath through his nose.  Shack is a nice way to describe the house.  I did get this huge framed picture for $2.00.  You should have seen the looks my family gave me as I was walking out to the car with it.  I don't think its that bad.  I think sister was just aggravated because she knew I was going to make her antique the frame for me.
No matter what day of the week it is, I always check my iphone to see if any new sales have popped up on Craigslist since I left the house.  I have found some pretty good sales that way.  Well, as luck would have it, one was listed and started about 30 minutes before we got to it.  I picked up this cute shelf to display some of my teacup collections on (don't tell Sister, but this is also for her to antique).  Sister, when are you going to blog about the cute little friends you picked up at this sale?

Evidently someone just dropped off their collection of vintage baby planters at Goodwill.  I have a really hard time passing these by.  They are just so cute with their little faces and bright colors. All but 2 of them still have their original brand tags on them.  There were twice as many as this but a lot of them had chips so they got left behind (whew).  Funny thing is the little lamb in the top photo in the middle is the same lamb that Maddy got from my aunt's shop last week.
This is my favorite find of the day-A Hazel Atlas "Mixed Drinks" cocktail shaker.  I found this at St. Vincents and couldn't believe the condition it was in.  A lot of times you find these and they are missing the cap or the lid altogether but this one is complete.  I have been acquiring a serious amount of vintage barware.  Now I just need an actual vintage bar to put it all in.

Have a Great Thursday!

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