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Monday, February 20, 2012

My Goodwill is Out of Control!

I just realized it has been about two weeks since I posted, Sister I really need to get on it.  Well, there hasn't been a lack of thrifting in my life, that is for sure.  First, I want to share what I got last weekend when Matt and I were visiting Sister:

 No, not Hope the cat!  I got these pair of owls for $5 and I am going to hang them on my deck, by the hot tub.  They were too cute to pass up and since I think Hope looks a little owlish at times, I figured I would do a photo shoot with her in it.

I decided to treat myself on Valentine's Day, so I went to my local Goodwill, and what did I find?  Butterprint!  I went back on Thursday and found a black snowflake casserole with lid, which I've never seen at a thrift store before.  Then today was the jackpot.  I found a pink gooseberry  #503 refrigerator dish.  I'm not big on pink, but I am excited to have one piece of this pattern, because it is so pretty (and I had a lid for it!)  Then, out of the corner of my eye I spot Orange, my favorite color!  It was a #502 without a lid.  It only got better when I was checking out and after returning my $3.99 purchase from the other day they told me my total was 99 cents.  Sold, I ran out of the store as fast as I could!

After consulting with Sister I went back and picked up the complete set of Forest Fancies casseroles with lids, $11 for all three!  I will be selling these, along with the black snowflake, as I am finding that I'm running out of room.  There is definitely something amazing going on at my local Goodwill and I hope it doesn't stop!

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  1. What a cute kitty, and what GREAT finds! My girlfriends Birthday is in Sept and I think im going to try and peice together a gooseberry fridigie set to give her. (we worked all last year collecting the Pink Gooseberry Cinderella Nesting bowls!) Wish our Goodwill's would bluck up on this kind of stock! haha