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Monday, February 20, 2012

Estate Sale-ing

Estate Sale season is really starting to pick up around here.  I hit a couple of good ones on Thursday and Friday.  I got pretty lucky at the first one I went to on Thursday.  Although I was number 40 in line I still managed to get some of the things that I saw in the pics on Craigslist.  Lucky for me, they let everyone in at once.

A few Gurley candles, a blow mold light up Santa, a spaghetti Santa, and a cute old tree skirt that's the perfect size for my 4' aluminum tree.  All the pieces to the Yahtzee game are still in the original packaging.  I bought it for the cute box. 

Before I show you what I got at the next sale, I wanted to show you a before and after of the 4 quart Pyrex primary yellow bowl I got.  Yes, you are seeing the tag correctly.  It was marked 50 cents.  Just look at what a little BKF and Mr. Clean Sponge can do.  It's not as shiny as it once was, but all the black marks are gone.
Next to sales that are in barns, my absolute favorite sales to go to are the ones in manufactured home parks for 55+.  Those old ladies always have the coolest kitchen stuff.  They never get rid of anything.  I hope for the sake of my kids I'm not like that.  This sale was one of the ones that  popped up on Craigslist while I was out at other sales on Friday so I was one of the first people there.  The daughters of the lady who was moving just wanted to get rid of stuff.  They weren't looking to make a fortune.  The prices were CRAZY.  There was a vintage Sunbeam mixer complete with the Glasbake bowls, extra beaters, and cookbook for $2.00.  There was a nice old man there and he was so tickled to find it that I didn't even try to get to it first.  He said he was going home to make muffins for his wife.  How cute is that?  I got everything for $1.50.  I told you the prices were great!  They didn't even look at what I got.  Just shot out the price.  My favorite thing is the dustpan.  My Grandma Gloria had a yellow one just like it when I was growing up.
When I went to purchase this old Burg scale, the lady asked me what in the world I would want such an old thing?  She said it was accurate but in such bad shape that she put the $1.00 price tag on it hoping that someone would take it just because it was so cheap.  I told her I loved it just the way it was.  She told me I was crazy, took my dollar, and walked away.  Take a good look at this scale, readers.  This is the before shot.  My husband, Rattlecan Randy (his name is really Brian but he likes to call himself this) is going to spray paint it for me.  Not sure of colors yet.  Any suggestions?
At the last sale, I got this 1 quart brown Pyrex casserole.  Definitely not my favorite color but who in the ?#%&? can pass up perfect Pyrex for a quarter?  I love old cookbooks and pie so this book was a no brainer for me.  Finally, my FAVORITE find from my estate sale hunts?  The PERFECT Samsonite Tourister train case.  Can anyone guess why I bought it?  Could it be the Bee-U-Tee-Ful shade of turquoise?  Oh readers, you know me so well.

That's all for now.  Hope everyone has a great, thrifty week!


  1. WHAT A HAUL! We got up bright and early Saturday to go to a big estate sale. The house was great it had been built in the early 1960's but had undergone a MAJOR remodel in the 1980's (we've affectionatly named it "The Golden Girls House" - Seriously Rue McClanahan should have greeted us at the door!) The estate sale people though we were crazy because we were raiding the "weird" places, like the Piano bench for vintage sheet music (major score), the closet for board games and I tore the garage apart looking for any kind of christmas dec's. If the tile on your "Borge scale" cleans up maybe turquoise? or How about pink?!

    1. Sounds to me like you estate sale just like I do. I always go to the uncommon places first. The only competition I have in the garage are the men scrounging around for tools not Christmas decorations so I guess it isn't really competition after all:-) So instead of turquoise or pink how about turquoise AND pink? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. Hope you have a great week!

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