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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cute Vintage Books

Before I met Sister up North for a little thrifting therapy, I stopped at an estate sale.  This house always seems to be having a sale and they always are advertising that they have new, never before seen things.  I have gotten some pretty good things at their previous sales.  Remember the Libby Gold Leaf glasses and all the pottery?  So I thought I'd try my luck.

Living American Stories & The Jolly Jump-Up Vacation Trip
I found these old pop up books from the 1960's.  The illustrations are so vibrant.

I think these books are a great example of the simple family living that so many of us would love to experience (myself included!)

Santa's Cuckoo Clock
It's never too early for me to start hunting for "new" vintage Christmas items.  This 1954 pop up book came with it's original storage box.
Christmas On Stage 1950
A Book of Words in Rhyme and Reason to Greet the Magic Christmas Season

Look at the little faces on the children on the front cover.  Way too cute to pass up. 

Then it was off to meet up with Sister.  More on that tomorrow.

Until then......

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