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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Piccadilly Flea Market Finds

Every other Sunday, the Piccadilly Flea Market sets up at our local fairgrounds.  It's your average flea market with it's mix of antiques, tools, and an abnormal abundance of VHS tapes.  It's pretty small and I can usually work my way through it in about an hour.  But I am almost never disappointed when I leave there.  I ALWAYS find something.  Here is what I came home with last weekend.
1958 Holt Howard Kitty Shakers

I am not one who usually migrates toward cats.  Cats are more of Sisters thing.  But I have seen these Holt Howard Kitty shakers on other blogs and find them pretty hard to resist.  Plus the pink and turquoise go so well with all of my pink and turquoise Pyrex. 

Of course I can't ever manage to leave any kind of antique mall/thrift store/flea market/yard sale without some kind of pottery.  The turquoise bowl is marked Hull and it has an interesting little spout/lid on it.  Not sure if its old but it is turquoise so it's definitely a keeper.  The delphite tea cups are unmarked so I will have to do a little research to find out more about them.
I seriously need another pitcher like I need another piece of Pyrex.  Did I just say that?  But, my husband is from Arizona so I tend to gravitate toward any piece of vintage kitchenware that has anything to do with Arizona like this Arizona Barrel Cactus pitcher and matching tumbler.  Funny thing is, I got these from two separate booths. 

I love the Piccadilly Flea Market.  You would too if you could go spend a leisurely Sunday morning browsing vintage treasures, come home with great finds, and only be $15.00 poorer. 


  1. I want to go there! Love what you found!

  2. I think it was in New Mexico, or Maybe Denton Tx I saw 2 whole sets for the high ball cactus glasses and pictcher displayed! a FULL SET lookS A-MAZING and I was very tempted, but I think i'll finish out my Libby "Gold foliage/ leaf" and "Carosel" sets first!