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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Back Again!

Hope you are all ready for more Christmas madness!  I am getting ready to head over to my mom's to pick up Hanna so I thought I would do a quick post before all of the fun sister chaos begins. 

Here we go...

Maddie says the Santa on the left looks like he is holding a piece of pepperoni pizza.  I think she is right!  I have a lot of made in Japan Santa's but don't have very many spaghetti ones so I was thrilled to find the chimney one at the thrift.

Several years ago, I started to collect Starbucks holiday mugs.  Then a few years ago I decided that I wanted to only have vintage coffee mugs so I sold them all on eBay.  Then I realized that vintage coffee mugs are way to small so I wanted my Starbucks ones back.  So I have slowly been rebuilding my collection by what I find at the thrifts.  Oh, and I brought home another Santa mug too.  Don't act surprised.

I have quite a collection of vintage tree toppers.  The funny thing is, I don't have one on either one of my trees!  I always get super excited to find vintage tins amongst all of the dollar store ones.  And I wasn't about to pass up a 29 cent canning jar, especially with a pink lid!

 Here are two out of the ten boxes of old ornaments that Brian brought me home from Goodwill the other day.  He told me he thought they would be good for wreath making.  Yes, he really did say that.  I think I may have created a monster.

He also found this tin and box of ornaments.  I picked up the aqua colored fake mercury glass garland from Goodwill.  I plan on putting it on a wreath since I can't yet bring myself to use my actual mercury glass garlands.  They still have the original paper wrap around them!

I have a few pieces of this Lefton holly tableware so finding this covered dish made me happy.  It was filled with homemade caramels at one point.  Hmmm....will have to talk to my girl about that.

I spotted this cookie jar lid at St. Vincent's recently.  No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find the jar part.  I have no idea if this is a reproduction or not but it was way too cute to not buy.

At this point, I have run out of cute things to say about Santa mugs so you will just have to enjoy the photo.

We have one Salvation Army in town and in all the years that I have been thrifting, this bag of old bulbs is the only thing I have ever bought.  They just don't get a lot of good stuff ever.  I have given up and only go a few times a year if I am killing time.

One a side note, Hanna & I have finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon.  God help us that it is not as addicting as Pinterest.  If you want to follow us, click our buttons at the top! 

More next time!  I'm heading over to party at Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesdays!

Happy Holidays, Friends!



  1. The deer head jar lid is so cute!

  2. I love looking at everyone's Christmas finds and going "Ooo, I have that!" So much fun!

  3. I see that Brian is an enabler when it comes to shopping at Goodwill. I would faint dead away if Tom came home and told me he had been shopping at Goodwill for vintage Christmas for me. Never in a million years would that happen...

  4. Salvation Army stores are by far the worst here, too. One store, since it's on a.corner with a Value Village, Goodwill & Talize (just like a VV), I have been in over 100 times... I have probably come home with 10ish things. And they weren't that exciting.

    It's so frustrating! LOL

  5. Bad or not, at least you have a selection of thrift stores. No Value Village, Salvation Army here, an hour to the closest Goodwill, lol. Sweet finds once again. Love the cute lid, looks vintage to me.

    Good luck on your coffee mug hunt!

  6. Oh, I LOVE my Salvation Army. They aren't as picky as Goodwill about what they put on the shelves, so I find some of my better stuff there. It's incredibly dirty in the store though. Enjoy your holidays with the family! Use a few of those Santa mugs!

  7. It does look like pizza! haha. Cute things..have fun with Hanna.

  8. The deer cookie jar lid is soooo cute! I'm sure it's vintage and not a repro. I'm so curious about what the base looks like!
    Love the Santa holding his slice of pizza too! Haa!
    Great finds!
    Erica :)

  9. Keep 'em coming! I have loved every post and the Santa mugs are awesome.

  10. I totally thought that Santa was holding a piece of pizza! I was kind of confused at first. I'm so glad you guys have joined Instagram! It's so much fun!