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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Getting To The Last Of It Part 1

Hi Friends!

Well, we have survived our annual Christmas brunch.  Lots of good food, friends, and Mimosa's!  What more could you ask for on this last weekend before the big day?  I am really wanting to share with you the results of my decorating frenzy but I am still trying to get caught up on my thrifting & antique mall finds, so before we can get to the decorations, here you go...

Lots of fun stuff...enjoy!

One of the St. Vincent's in my area puts all of their vintage Christmas in a locked display case which is fine with me.  Then, I don't have to spend so much time searching through the mass produced stuff for it.  They also keep it priced relatively low and with colored tags that actually go 50% off every other week.  These Shiny Brites were 99 cents a box!

More from St. Vincent's.  I am loving the Holt Howard candle holder the best.


And even more from St. Vincent's!  These ornaments are not in the best shape but I think that makes me love them even more.

More thrifted Lefton Holly tableware.  I have put together a pretty good collection of this!

Some major digging at Goodwill unearthed these treasures.

Foil garland for the wreath I never got around to making this year.

Another Poinsettia tray that one of our readers told me was old.  Her mom had one when she was growing up in the 70's.  Yay!  Old bulbs for the aforementioned abandoned wreath, ornament hangers for my collection, cute Christmas girl, Gurley candle, & spaghetti Santa.  Not a bad Goodwill run, huh?

I am going to have to think of something cute to do with those flocked Santa boots.  I didn't have very much luck this year thrifting Santa boots so this one was a welcome find!  The Santa with reindeer and the angel were in the same grab bag as the flocked boots.

I told myself that I couldn't buy anymore blow molds this year but that went right out the window when I found this Santa for 49 cents at Goodwill.  Tell me you wouldn't have bought it too!  Since I didn't get around to crafting this year, I am really hoping to find some time during the off season next year.  I see so many cute ideas on Pinterest for these tiny molds and since I am always buying them, I need to do something with them!

More Shiny Brites from the case at St. Vincent's.  $1.99/box!

I was pretty excited to find these at a different St.Vincent's.  They were in an old tackle box in the sporting goods aisle.  The only reason I found them was because the tackle box caught my eye.  It was turquoise.  Imagine how excited I was to open it and find all of this vintage crafting goodness.  Maddie hijacked the tackle box before I could get a picture of it.

Now, onto my small amount of finds from the Glory Days Holiday Open House.  Baby Santa mugs and Gurley deer for my collections.

Maddie really fell in love with these Made in Japan elf kids.

She also begged me for this Rushton Santa.  Most kids beg for candy and toys.  Mine begs for vintage Christmas.

This cute tablecloth will have to wait until next year to make it's debut.  It needs a good soaking and hanging in the sun to bring it back to it's original glory.

I love buying grab bags from the antique malls.  Everything in them is always good, not like at the thrifts where you may get one good thing out of a bag of 20.

More tomorrow, Friends!

Happy Holidays~




  1. Great finds, for sure. And your Shiny Brites were so affordable.
    I love the winking Santas, too.

  2. Hi. Great blog from a fellow Oregonian and Thrifter. Just started my own blog today, Retro Rosita. Let me know if you want to exchange links. Http://retrorosita.blogspot.com

    Happy thrifting and Merry Christmas.


  3. You find the best vintage Christmas! I found a bit early in the season, but the thrifts have pretty well dried up lately. I keep hoping someday to find a knee hugger elf for my daughter (she read The Elf on the Shelf in Kdg) and have never seen one in a thrift!

  4. Those elf kids are adorable! I have that same santa blow mold..got mine for 10$ aten estate...I like your price better ;) you always find such great stuff! Merry Christmas!!

  5. The Christmas collection is formidable! Love it all!

  6. Join the heart to heart swap this year and make valentines with those molds! I wanted to do it last year but I could not find any molds to save my life.

  7. Great finds. Again! You are the luckiest shopper out there! I need some of your mojo to rub off on me!

  8. You sure score at the thrifts..I don't even hit them anymore! Maddie, Maddie begging for vintage Christmas..my kind of girl!

  9. WOW, you found a ton of vintage Christmas stuff! Love all of it but especially those little elf kids. Haven't found many Christmas things around here, except for the blow molds. Thank you for admitting that you also suffer from BMA (Blow Mold Addiction)!
    Merry Christmas!