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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Working Our Way Back Home

Good Morning!

Well, since I last posted, I achieved my goal of getting my house decorated for the holidays, minus my trees.  I started bright and early Friday morning and worked on it most of the weekend and finally finished Sunday afternoon.  Whew! It was a lot of work.  I didn't even leave my house for 3 days!  I knew I had a lot of stuff but what I didn't realize was how much I have accumulated over the last year.  Plus, I wanted to change up my displays from last year so that is another reason it took a little longer than usual. Saturday, we are going to cut our tree.  I think this year I am going to go for a more bushy variety, unlike the Noble that I usually get.  Just another way to change things up a bit. Then onto my aluminum tree, the small green one I found at Goodwill a while back, and the smaller foil one I found last year.  Then I should be all done and ready to move onto a little crafting and baking.  Christmas is coming fast this year, people!  No time to waste!!

When I last left off, I was showing you my Plucky Maidens finds.  Saturday morning, we headed back toward Springfield pretty early so that I could stop off at some thrift stores and one of my favorite antique stores.  Today, I will show you all of the amazing treasures I found at the Albany Antique Mall.

I managed to come home with not one but two Santa blow molds this particular weekend.  This is my biggest one yet.

See, he's a good amount taller than the one I found at Monticello.

I found lots more Gurley candles including the pine cone ones which I had never seen before.  All of my candles are displayed on a shelf right outside of Alex's bedroom door (the one that was the sight of The Great Donkey Slaughter of 2013).  I figured it was a smart idea to put my most unbreakable treasures there.

A bunch of little do-dads for crafting.  There is a booth that is right next to the cash wrap area.  I like to call this the Impulse Buy Booth.  It's like at the grocery store where they have all the things you don't really need but impulsively buy anyway just because they are there.  Plus, it doesn't help that all of the stuff in the booth is super cheap.  I bought the pine cone Gurley's there plus this fun stuff.

Along with a box of ornament hangers for my collection and this sweet little musical Santa boy.  Brian wound him up to see if he worked and it does play.....FOREVER!!  I swear, it was still going 15 minutes later.

Speaking of Brian The Enabler, this was his big find.  A set of 7 Santa mugs for a ridiculous price.  He was so proud of himself for "finding" them.  Yah, like I wouldn't have seen them when I walked into the booth 2 minutes later. For all his patience, I will just let him have this one.

Lately, it's getting harder and harder to find decently priced soda crates and when I say decent, I mean under $10.00.  I saw some as high as $45.00 in this same mall in different booths. Since this yellow Pepsi crate was under $10.00 and was one that I didn't already have, it ended up finding it's way home with us.

I love vintage glassware but rarely will I buy full sets.  I just like the mismatched look of all different glasses when I open my cupboard.  There were actually 4 of these glasses and thankfully they were priced individually so I was able to buy just one.

Now, onto the segment of my post I like to call "The Magpie Made Me Do It"...

Does this look familiar to all of you?  If you are a follower of Laurie's blog, then it should.  She bought the other end of this bunny crib a few days prior to me finding this.  I texted her a picture and she told me to hop up to the register and buy it.  And I thought Brian was the only enabler in my life!

Believe it or not, there is still tons more to show from this weekend!  I still have to show you all of our thrifted finds plus treasures from the flea market on Sunday.  I told you it was a vintage Christmas packed weekend!

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Happy Holidays!



  1. I am crushing on all your vintage finds. Cute Santa mugs. You are a lucky girl this week for sure! I am curious to what you will do will the bunny headboard.


  2. Proud of your hopping skills. We are now connected forever by the headboard and foot board of a crib. Connected, I tell you! I also bought goodies from the booth by the front door, but those goodies you snagged were not there when I was (or I would have bought them)...good finds.

  3. I just saw that Santa blow mold's cousin today. It was at the antique store so it was much, much more than I would have ever in my wildest dreams have paid for it. But it was very impressive! Glad you're done with the decorating. After yesterday's rant of not wanting to decorated too much this year, I found myself decorating my husband's GARAGE today. Like that was necessary???

  4. Are there any thrift stores you recommend for Pyrex finds? We are currently overseas cause of the military but we will be visiting Colorado for Winter leave soon. I'm trying to compile couple of places to hit up!

  5. I love your finds. I started laughing when you called Brian the enabler. I had just written about my husband the junk enabler!

  6. That's too funny that you each have an end of the bunny crib! It's so great!
    I love the "impulse buy booth"! Anytime I come across little white sugar bells like that I grab them right up!
    I have that JUMBO Santa blow mold too. He's fun!
    Great great stuff as always.
    Erica :)

  7. Your Santa blow molds are in great shape, still seem to have great color. That crib is adorable! I have told more people about The Great Donkey Slaughter of 2013, that was just so funny. Well, I mean, you told it funny. I hope they all recovered. Thanks for sharing at my "Olde" party :) -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  8. LOVE the kitschy holidays scores :D

  9. Great finds. I've given most of my decorations away to my adult children because I had to downsize, but it's been so much fun watching them use them in their way. The decorations I have will be in storage for some time because I live with one of my children and her tastes are so different from mine. It's fun watching all the different ways people are decorating. Happy holidays.

  10. I love everything you picked up - especially those blow molds. I am a sucker for cheap (vintage) crafy items too and def would've bought the same impulse items you did! As for the individual glassware... I have some pieces you would love... and if they sit in the booth any longer they may have to make their way to your home!

  11. I like to collect even sets of mugs! Singles are welcome though.

    Jealous of the Santa mugs! I used to have a friend who walked ahead of me everywhere, markets & thrifts, & when I would blog about the stuff I found she would be like. .. I actually found it. Yeah! Like I wouldn't have seen it either! !!! Let her have it the first few times, but then it got annoying. Always let the BF havr.it because he looks so cute when he finds it.

  12. Three days of decorating?! Dang...I've got nothing on that - I can't wait to see your displays!
    Love the blow molds and all the little crafty bits. You can never have enough crafty bits. : )
    That bunny...seriously one of the cutest creepy little bunnies I've ever seen! It's so great that that little bed went to two people who will display it in all it's cutesy goodness.

  13. You have spend three days in decoration. You are so patients in doing things. All your collections looks great. Santa cup looks cute.

  14. I think I must have accumulated more this year than I thought, I don't know where to put everything! Oh, no..

    You must be getting a few blow molds now too, I haven't seen anything half decent this season, just some battered candy canes.