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Friday, December 20, 2013

Magpie Madness!

Hi Everyone!  Today you get the pleasure of a joint post from both of the Thrifter Sisters.  Aren't you so lucky? 

Last weekend, the two of us along with Maddie met up at Crafty Wonderland in Portland.  Our pal Laurie over at Magpie Ethel has told us it is the best show of the season and not to miss it.  Well, who are we to question the queen of vintage Christmas craftiness?  Laurie's booth was the first one you saw when you walked in the door and I'm sure we don't have to tell you it looked like Target on Black Friday.  CRAZY!!  After throwing some elbows (kidding!) we were able to score some major awesomeness.  Care to take a peek?  I'll let Hanna start!

Hi, Friends!  It's the long lost Thrifter Sister, Hanna.  So let's start out by saying that out of the two of us, I am definitely the more thrifty and try to stick to a budget when I am out treasure hunting.  So the fact that I treated myself to some of the amazing Magpie Ethel magic should go to show you just how awesome everything was.  I'm pretty sure that Laurie made all of these things just for me.  Don't be jealous!

I'm really trying to grow my collection of pixie's and this one had just the right pose. All that he is missing is some of the fabulous Mimosa's made with fresh grapefruit juice that Sister and I are having right now.  Oh, he would be so happy!

Next up, we have my first putz house ever!  It has two of my favorite things...deer & orange!  It is so cute it just may have to stay out year round like the orange party bird Sister bought for me last year.

Are you seeing a theme here?  Orange, deer, whimsical?  I don't know if you noticed but the bird is only revealing one eye.  That's just about how I am starting to look because of these wonderful Mimosa's Sister made us.  I can never have enough deer, especially any that have even the slightest bit of orange on them.  I have a problem, I know.

Sister, are you ready to share the spectacular things that you bought from Laurie? 

Yes!  I'm here.  Hi everyone.  I am taking a break from my vintage Christmas thrifting posts to share the newest additions to my Magpie Ethel collections.  I will warn you, I went a little crazy and this was before Hanna & I took our $5 wine flight from one of the local vineyards!  Thanks goodness her booth was so crowded when we left or I may have just cleaned her out.

Okay, so I know I've been doing a lot of talking about how I am planning on doing a foil garland wrapped wreath this year, but come on!  Like I have the time.  It's just way easier for me to buy one of Laurie's creations.  Plus, it's pink!  No brainer.

Every time I try to expand my collection of spun head girls from Magpie Ethel's Etsy shop, someone beats me to them.  They are so dang popular!  So this one was ready and waiting for me in all of her pink glory.  I love her!

This is the most giant fancy deer I have ever seen! She is all ready to party with Sister and I.  I will compare my excitement to finding a perfect piece of pink Pyrex at the thrift for 99 cents.  You Pyrex lovers know what I am talking about!!

Miss Maddie actually picked up the putz house.  I couldn't decide which one to get and when I asked her, she said to me "obviously the one with the twerking pixie, mom".  Duh.  I had a really hard time choosing which of the other pixies to buy but finally settled on the one with the pink bottle brush tree. Are you seeing a pink theme here?

Want to hear something funny about my dear Sister?  She is scared to death of this snowman mug.  I actually had to put him somewhere where she wouldn't see it while she is visiting.  What a weirdo!  Maddie told me that she will never visit a Magpie Ethel booth without leaving with a party bird. She said it is her souvenir.

I bought the sweet deer on the left because he is red with blue antlers.  I gave him to Alex and Brian since they are HUGE Arizona Wildcats basketball fans and those are the team colors.  Alex's face totally said "what the heck...?" when I gave it to him but all he said to me was "Thanks, Mom.  It's cool".  Last night, Sister and I went to a food tasting for our friend Michelle's upcoming wedding and Hanna smuggled this little deer along with us.  Evidently, he needed to go on an outing.  I told you all she was a weirdo. Maddie plucked the deer in the mold off of one of Laurie's aluminum tree displays and snuck it in our pile without me noticing.  Smart girl to be sneaky with vintage purchases, huh?

Well, our glasses are empty and we are out of photo's to share from our adventures at Crafty Wonderland.  Time for us to sign off!  Before we leave, we are going to head over to the following blogs to party some more:

SYC Thursday over at Have A Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson, Junkin' Joe at the Cottage Market & Pink Saturday with How Sweet The Sound.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Erica & Hanna


  1. I saw some of those glasses (last photo) in my mom's kitchen cupboard yesterday. You would love her kitchen. Everything is authentic! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. while I am not a huge fan of the pixies everybody is collecting lately (honestly... I didn't like them when I was a kid and they decorated my grandparents' homes) I do like the little deer! My 'significant other''s father had a HUGE village in the '60s with Putz houses. It took his dad 2-3 days to set it up. My 'other' inherited a portion of this village but he never sets it out! So sad...

  3. You guys picked some of Laurie's best stuff!

  4. WOW and what great treasures you bought from Laurie! They are all so sweet!
    Bad pixie!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Black Friday and Target huh...you guys made me laugh! Thanks for coming to Crafty Wonderland and finding some treasures. Love how you both had the color themes going on! I did not even realize that pixie was twerking..leave it to Maddie to figure that out!

  6. Twerking pixie!!! Love it! That snowman mug is adorable. Just a biog mishmash of vintage Christmas goodness! Merry Christmas.

  7. Oh it looks like you had so much fun! You all chose really sweet things. Wow, all that crafted goodness. Lucky girls! Pass me a Mimosa please!

  8. Great post! My Pick of the Week for SYC. Merry Christmas! (I think the snowman mug is a little scary too)

  9. You two are just the cutest. What a great time - fun stuff and a Laurie meet-up!