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Monday, December 16, 2013

Does It Ever End?

Happy Week Before Christmas!

I'm back again with more vintage Christmas.  Hopefully you aren't getting tired of these posts because I still have a lot to show you.  But if you are getting sick of vintage Christmas, this probably isn't the right place for you to be spending your time :-)

I have picked up a few of these trays this season.  I don't think they are old, but they look like it to me!  And isn't this the biggest Gurley candle you've ever seen?  This is the first of this type that I had ever seen and I found it at Goodwill. 

Then, the craziest thing happened...

Brian found one with a red hat at another Goodwill.  It's not in the best shape but he knows not to leave Gurley's behind!  I found this old Santa planter at the thrift too.  I found a similar one last year but the Santa is sitting at the piano, not on it.

I went to an estate sale a while back and didn't find anything in the house.  As I was walking out, I decided to check the back yard.  Brian was needing a new grass seed spreader so I thought it was worth a look.  Look what I found in the shed!  Cute little Putz houses dying for makeovers.

And some sweet spun head angels along with some picks and a bottle brush wreath.

Obviously I was the first person to step foot in the shed because I'm pretty sure this box of Shiny Brite's wouldn't have still been there!

Old Christmas tins are one of my newest collections.  It's fun to have something new to look for at the thrift stores.  Plus, the thrifts haven't caught on yet that people collect these so they are still normally priced under a dollar.  I want to try a tinsel wrapped wreath this year so I have been stocking up on garland when I find it.

You can't ever have enough supplies for vintage Christmas crafting.  Now if I could just find the time!

More Santa mugs.  Weird, right?  I kept picking these up and putting them back because I just couldn't tell if they were old or not.  I am pretty sure they are handmade though because the only markings they have are the initials ER on the bottom.  Since these just so happen to be my initials, I took that as a sign and brought them home.

Stay tuned for more vintage Christmas madness!  Since Hanna is in town, I'm sure she will make me hit up the thrifts a few more times.  She is so mean!

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Happy Holidays!



  1. I never tire of seeing vintage Christmas! Jealous maybe but not tired! :)

    I feel better now because I bought a little bit of vintage Christmas at the antique mall today- some of it 50% off. There just isn't any at the thrifts so I bit the bullet!

  2. You're having so much fun! I'm doing some extra thrifting too but haven't found much lately. LOVE the cute little Putz houses and Santa mugs....oh and the box of Shiny Brites! Good luck finding more holiday treasures!

  3. I can't believe the poor array of vintage Christmas around here - you are so lucky!!

  4. Love the deer! Not sick of vintage Christmas - I don't want it to end this year!

    I found a blog,

    Santa Mugs .

    Have fun thrifting!

  5. How can anyone get tired of vintage Christmas? They don't make it like they used to. Happy Holidays.

  6. Keep the vintage Christmas posts coming. I'm living vicariously through you (+ others) posts until I finish up this semester of grad school... then I can finally decorate! :)

  7. What awesome fun finds! I really love the angels--haven't ever seen any exactly like those. I was blessed with a good summer of finding vintage Christmas. Glad I found your blog, Diana Adirondack Girl @ Heart

  8. I for one *never* get sick of vintage Christmas posts--keep 'em coming!!

  9. Who could get tired of vintage Christmas!?! Love the Shiny Brites - that's all I put on my tree this year with white lights. I used to find dozens of Gurley Christmas candles, but they are rare around here now.

  10. The tray is definitely vintage! My mom had one well before I was born and I was born 1970. So I'm guessing late 60's. :)

  11. Love all your finds, I passed on some trays that probably weren't old but I just really liked them, but where would I keep them or use them? Maybe I'll go back for them...lol. I NEVER see Shiny Brites :( Maybe they didn't sell them in SC. lol again. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home party, I hope you keep coming back, each Tuesday :) Wishing you blessings ~ Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com