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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Sister is Off to Florida

Happy Tuesday everyone!  What a strange and hectic last few days.  I don't have nearly as exciting things to share with all of you compared to Sisterita, but still a few prizes before I head off to Florida.  First, I have to tell you, we've had some crazy weather here in Astoria.  It started with a thunderstorm that wouldn't end on Saturday, and then a wind storm that started Sunday afternoon and lasted clear into Monday night.  I had to drive to work and let me tell you it was sketchy.  Trees down, standing water, thank goodness the power went out and they sent both the students and me home.  Then I had to get all packed and prepared for our short visit to Florida for the holiday, which meant leaving our house at 3 am to catch our flight in Portland, yuck!  My husband and I are visiting Mimi who turned 90 years old last month.  Should be a crazy family visit with a lot of longing to be with my Sister.  This is the second year in a row that we've been apart on Thanksgiving and I promise this will be the last.  I hate holidays without her and Maddie and I barely get to see them as it is.

I realized that I had quite a few new Pyrex pieces that I've picked up or Sister has gifted me in the last few months (I'm fibbing, one piece dates back to Memorial day weekend,) that I keep forgetting I have.  You know you have a problem when you go to get out a casserole dish and think, 'where the heck did this beauty come from?'  So, for your viewing enjoyment........

 This is what Sister brought me over Memorial day, a gorgeous Orange Fiesta casserole.  Totally my color, I love it, thanks Bloggerita!
 When I was a Pic-a-Dilly with Sister I definitely picked up this Orange 2 1/2 quart Daisy but I can't quite remember where the Pressed Flowers came from.  I really don't like the Daisy lids, so I'm happy it had just a clear lid.  I do love the color orange and it is definitely one of my favorite colors for Pyrex.

 I had to add my Mod Kitchen in, because I think that the yellow and black patterns are my other new favorite.  I guess I will finally have to get the yellow and black Gooseberry, darn.  On a sadder note: One of Sister's gifts arrived from Ebay today and it was not in the condition it was advertised to be in.  I was devastated.  No one should ever see what I saw, terrible abuse of vintage pretties.  Anyway, off to shopping for her some more, which is so fun!  I'm hoping to hit the few Goodwill's in the vicinity of Mimi's, so hopefully I will have some Florida Pyrex to share early next week.

Have a Great Thanksgiving Everyone!  I'm thankful for all you blogger friends that show Sister, Maddie, and I so much love!

I'm linking up over at Rednesday even though I don't have anything that is a true red.  I think the Orange Fiesta casserole qualifies since it is an orangish-red, don't you?

~Sister Hanna


  1. You are fortunate to at least get rain without a lot of damage. We are still in the 80's
    here and so dry. I love all the various pieces of Pyrex.

  2. I'm super busy with moving but just want to thank you for blogging about your life and finds. Life is a fascinating journey and blogging makes it extra special! Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

  3. Love the mod pieces of Pyrex! I had a bit of Pyrex luck yesterday picking 3 of the 4 primary coloured mixing bowls! Have a great Thanksgiving holiday in Florida hopefully you can duck into a thrift store or two!!

  4. I have never spied that Daisy piece before! Looks like its a 50's piece! Mod Kitchen is always a favorite. Sorry to hear you are Missing sister buy you gals are together in Spirit. SAY, why don;t you ladies load up and come visit all of us at the Casablanca?!

  5. We would love to visit Mick, Casablanca sounds like heaven :)

  6. There is such crazy weather in the states. You just never know what's going to come next. I know I should bite my tongue, because watch, we'll get some kind of crazy wind storm & it'll somehow knock down my showcase with all my vintage goodness in it.

    I like all the casseroles. It's a size I try not to collect because I'm limited on space. Luckily, I don't see too much of it.. which is the only reason why I'm not collecting it, hah.

    I have the Seville, and it's frickin' Gigantic. It takes up like a whole shelf on the top of my cupboard.

  7. wow those are some awesome Pyrex enjoy them