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Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Back!

Happy Monday everyone!  Florida was a busy and beautiful trip, but I am surprised to say I'm happy to be back to chilly, wet Oregon.  One of the main reasons would be, thrifting there was strange.  The only Goodwill I could find was in a weird part of town and I was expecting something much bigger and exciting.  Instead I found an older Goodwill with only 2 aisles of glassware.  I wanted to show you proof that I actually went.  On a side note, I managed to drag my cousin along who is not a thrifter, and even better we pulled up in our Mimi's Cadillac.  We looked silly, but here I am.

I probably would have stayed longer, but cousin looked a little traumatized and the smell was something horrific.  Afterwards we headed back to Mimi's to make a peanut butter chocolate chip cheesecake.  Let me tell you I was surprised to find part of the Pyrex Primary set in Mimi's cupboards, she's never really been one to cook.  Here is cousin making a delicious pie!
Now, I'm sure you're wondering what I found.  Don't worry nothing too exciting like Pink Butterprint or something.  I did find this martini shaker, with no lid sadly, by Anchor Hocking.  It has people dancing and partying on it, I really like it.  There is one drink called, "Alexander."  Doesn't sound really good, but can I make it for Alex when he turns 21 Sister?  He might never want to drink again after tasting it!

I also made a quick stop at a thrift store I only go to if I'm headed to the post office and picked up a 2 new animal shaker friends today.  Look closely, one has a pearl tear in his eye.  They are Enesco and I think look like Piper when we left her to go on our trip.  I love them.
Well, I've finally acquired a cold (which is a miracle, I've usually been sick 5 times now being a teacher.)  Lucky me, I get to see Sisterita and Maddie this weekend for some Pick-A-Dilly fun.  Can't wait to share again.

Until Next Time!
Sister Hanna


  1. I know that feeling, you go to new thrifting territory with such high hopes and then they're dashed!! So sad.....

  2. Florida and Oregon are both humid but in different ways- right? :)

    I bet there's lots of people with pyrex in their cupboards but they don't even know what they have! (I think they should give them to us-right?!)

    I can't wait until I'm living closer to the thrifts. Going often is the key to finding things but also showing restraint and saving your money for the good stuffs! It's hard for me!

  3. Our Goodwill stores are not good at all for finding Pyrex. There is an AMVETS store that sometimes has a few pieces, but mostly clear or Vision ware. I keep hoping though. I do love the doggies.

  4. "If you make a martini with an onion they call it a Gibson..." Love the cocktail shaker!

  5. Hi Hanna!
    lol Yes, out of state thrifts feel so WRONG sometimes!
    Hope you had fun on your trip, and have a great time visiting sister and Maddie!
    Erica :)

  6. Sorry you are sick! I have found that with my little dude, I get sick way more than I used too. That and the neighbors like to leave their coodie incubating kids with me... Hope you guys all find awesome stuff!