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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Time At The Thrifts!

After two whole days of decorating, I am done.  The displays are ready and the trees are up.  I have even taken pictures to show all of you but I am going to wait a couple of days.  No, I'm not trying to torture you.  I just want to share some of what I have found at the thrift stores before I show it to you in my holiday decorations.

I have been hitting the thrifts pretty hard in the last couple of weeks.  Almost daily I go to at least two and mainly just to check out the Christmas stuff. You just never know what kind of vintage treasures you may find.

I brought home this Holt Howard pepper shaker from SVDP.  I left behind his salt partner because he was missing a hand and the top of his hat.  I felt so bad leaving him behind but he was just too badly damaged to display.
Last Summer when I was cleaning out our shed and getting ready for our garage sale, I found a Santa boot that my mother-in-law had made my husband when he was little.  It was in with our camping stuff (Don't ask.  This kind of thing happens here all the time).  Ever since then, I've decided I'm going to start collecting them.  I found this one at the same time as the HH shaker.
I have a small collection of spaghetti style vintage Christmas figurines but this is the first planter that I have ever found.
These little matching candle holders were caked on with candle wax and some sort of sticky substance (I don't even want to imagine what).  It's amazing what a little hot, soapy water can do.
Wait until you see my collection of Santa mugs.  I pick them up whenever I find them.  The tiny one is my first plastic one.
I had to buy a big Ziploc bag that was mostly full of dollar store crap to get to these little Made in Japan figurines.  They are really cute and tiny.
The tree topper came with the original box.  I found an identical one yesterday.  The blue Shiny Brites are for Sisters wreath attempt.  The white bottle brush trees aren't old but are made to look like it.
When we go into a thrift store, Maddie always takes off for the office supply section first.  The little weirdo loves office supplies!  I could hear her running through the store  yelling for me and I knew she found something good.  She found a huge bag of these little bird lights that go on the old ceramic trees.  There were at least 100 of them in the bag.  You will see why I was so excited for these soon.
I don't think these icicles are old but they will be good for crafting.

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Next time I will show you what Maddie and I found at the Open House at our favorite antique mall.

Until then....Happy Holidays!!



  1. Oh my! Oh my! I looove those little birds - they look so great! I totally get Maddie's love for office supplies - a girl after my own heart.

  2. Yes! Those icicles are old and they should glow in the dark! Try them out! I love the little bird pieces, and I have a similar Santa spagetti planter that was my Grandmas. We fill it with Candy Canes every year. Your HH santa shaker is wearing his P for PYREX of course! LOL
    Erica :)

    1. They do glow in the dark! I'm so glad to hear that they are old. It makes me love them even more. Love the P for Pyrex. I feel much better about leaving poor old broken Salt behind.

      Happy Holidays, Friend!


    2. Great that they glow in the dark - added bonus!
      Love the P for Pyrex too!! LOL

  3. You are so lucky!! I was out today and got nothing, I sure hope it picks up, soon!! My ceramic tree has some birds and some light bulb lights, I'm looking at it right now!! They are so pretty!

  4. I need to be hitting the thrifts, but too busy crafting. You did really good and way better than the dredges I usually find. I can't believe you are done with your decorating...I HAVE NOT EVEN STARTED!

  5. Nice finds...Cant wait to go thrifting!

  6. Loving the mini figurines. Sooo cute! Can't wait to see it all displayed :)

  7. That tree topper is fierce! Looks like something She-ra would have had.

  8. I haven't hit anything hard except the couch lately! Being pregnant during the holiday season is for the birds! After work I am pretty darn useless and just want to relax. I drive past a thrift store and get excited for .2 seconds then keep driving. LOL! I shall live vicariously through you!
    I love the HH shaker. Earlier this year I stumbled upon a lot of HH Christmas stuff. Those pics are yet to come!
    I giggled when you said "little weirdo loves office supplies". Haha! :)

  9. I've been hitting the thrifts as often as I can, too ... love this time of year! Can't wait to see your decorations; I know I'll love them.

  10. Love the santa mugs. I collect them too and the blue shiny brites are beautiful. I love the color. take care, Darlene