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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Spur of the Moment Trip

I need to get out of town.  I know, you are all probably thinking "Didn't you just go to Vegas?"  Well yes, I did.  But that was almost three weeks ago and that means that it's been three whole weeks since I've seen my sister!  So we decided to head to Astoria to visit her and my brother-in-law this weekend.  Sister and I will share some one on one time doing what we love to do (thrifting, antiquing, champagne-drinking) while they guys do what they love to do (watch football).  It will be a long drive but I can't wait!

Sister wants me to bring some thrifting luck with me since as you all know, treasure finding in her area has been pretty dismal.  Maybe I should warn her not to read this post.  She may get jealous.

I have been on the hunt for vintage plates lately for two reasons.  First, I love the idea of making appetizer tiered towers and cake pedestals out of them. Second, if I don't decide to boycott Thanksgiving this year, I am going to have a mismatched vintage plate theme for my table.  I'm not really in to matchy-matchy tablescapes.
It's just about time for Maddie to break into her cookie cutter collection.  A nice lady at an estate sale let her have all of these for a dollar once she heard that she collects them.  I can picture the mess in the kitchen now.  Thank God it's also time for Pomegranate Martini's too.
It's been awhile since I have brought home a new donkey. He is not the cutest one ever but I couldn't leave a donkey behind.  I have learned to ignore the looks from my husband whenever he notices a new one in our decor. 
I can't remember if I have already shared these cute shakers with you. I got them at the customer appreciation sale at my favorite antique mall.  Miss Maddie has picked up Sisters habit about bringing home cute orphan shakers.  Good thing that we don't frequent the animal rescue shelter as much as the antique stores.  Cute dogs (and not so cute) are one of my many weaknesses.

So I have mentioned a few times recently how much I miss Maddie when I am at the sales and she is at school.  She has such a good eye and since she is smaller, she can squeeze in between people and under tables much easier than I can.  Plus, people are a lot nicer to her than they would be if it were me!  Anyways, we were at a sale together recently and once we got in the door, she took off.  When she found me, she was so excited to show me what she had found
I asked her if the box was empty and I wish you could have seen her face when she took of the lid and showed me this
I couldn't believe it
All twelve of them were there (dirty faces and all).  Maddie had seen them in the pictures online and was on the hunt for them the second they opened the door.  I love that girl.

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  1. Love the candle box and love the candles - Maddie did good!!!

    Have a fun weekend...

  2. The Gurley candles in the original box is a fabulous find! The shakers and donkey are just too cute.

  3. Maddie totally knows what she's doing when it comes to sales! I wonder what her friends think when she says "Hey girls, I scored some vintage Gurley Christmas candles the other day!" LOL
    Erica :)

  4. I to have a weakness for donkeys and shakers..and have been known to take in stray and forlorn animals..we even had a pony we rescued, he was 36 and had been a rack of bones, we had him until he was 42, he is actually buried in our horse field. He was old and lame, and as geriatric as a pony could be..but I felt it was our pay it forward gesture to give him a good end of life.

    Anyway ..have fun in Astoria, ( my sisters dog is from Astoria!)


  5. Oh my! You'll probably think I'm a dork but the thought of Maddie's face while she opened that box lid for you made tears spring to my eyes! Ha-ha! :) Since I've only had boys, these kind of girl adventures mean a lot to me!

    My grandgirls are into my crafts and they like to go thrifting with me but they don't "get" what's so special about vintage.

    I have a cup that matches your blue/pink boutineere plate! I love it and always hope to find other pieces at the thrifts. There are lots to be found online but... Well, you know!

    Enjoy your visit with sister! ♥

  6. You are raising one avid thrifter! You should change your blog name to, The adventures of two (Pyrex crazy) thrifing sisters and spawn! Lol!
    I am patiently waiting to run into those blue bird S&P shakers...but my patience is wearing thin! I want them NOW!
    I am always so envious of your vintage Christmas finds. I am so close to purchasing a plane ticket out to you so I can shop in your stores! :)

  7. Oh what awesome and fun vintage finds! That box of the candles was a really amazing find. they are rarely found in such good condition! Thank you for sharing at TTF this week.

  8. I am Sir Thrift-A-Lot & I am a salt & pepper shaker addict. I always love the blue birds.

    Maddie always does good.

  9. Are you wanting to find just any Little Golden Book for Maddie or specifically a Donald Duck one?
    Email me, I might be able to help you out! :)

  10. Wow! I would have been in love with the box w/o the candles...and then to see those adorable candles inside! Fantastic. I have the Fire King platter too...can't remember the name of the pattern. I also have 6 luncheon plates with that same pattern but only 1 cup! I'm hopeful I'll find it though. I LOVE the idea of mix and match plates. I'm with you...it looks more interesting and fun :)

  11. Awesome find on the Gurley candles. I think I would have pee'd my pants if I had found those.

  12. Gurley candles in the box and a little helper - you are a lucky girl!