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Thursday, September 20, 2012

To Keep, or Not to Keep, That is the Question...

Don't get too excited, but it's Hanna here, blogging twice in a week.  I know, unheard of.  When Sister and I were at the Coburg Antique Fair there was something there that I definitely thought I needed at the time.  I was drawn in to the bird pattern of course and it was something I had never seen.  It was an entire "Pantry-Mate" set by Alladinware.  The guy was asking $10 for it.  Sister, being the ultimate barter stepped in and offered $8, but the guy wasn't budging.  I hung around for a few minutes and pondered the purchase, made a few comments like, "I'm not sure if I need it..." and the guy finally walked up and said, "I've got to get rid of it, if you really want it, I will take $8."  How exciting!  I ran away really fast with this cute little set before he changed his mind.

 The napkin holder still has it's original sticker even!  This guy had an interesting mix of items, and this set definitely seemed out of place, so I am happy he gave me such a great deal.  Now here is the dilemma.  I really love the set, but I don't need it.  I could rotate it with my other stuff, but I just need to be realistic.  My tiny house can't hold much more and I think the husband may leave me if I continue to keep so much stuff.  The only thing like it I can find online is a juice pitcher that matches.  I'm leaning towards listing it on Ebay, what do you guys think?

Heading over to link up at Vintage Thingie Thursday!

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  1. Hi Hanna!
    Oh this is a hard one. It's such a cute set! I've never seen it either. What does your other set look like, and are you happy with it?
    I spent a lot of time looking at vintage canister sets on Ebay a few weeks ago. I bet you could get at least $75-100.00 for the set. If you list it, set the starting bid high!
    It's totally cute and unique. Otherwise tuck it away for a couple months and then make this VERY IMPORTANT dicision! HaaHaa! You don't want to sell it and then regret it. LOL Sorry! That was no help at all!
    Good luck!
    Erica :)

  2. I've never seen anything like it either. I love the bird pattern. My feeling is that if you don't love it you should list it. I just imagine another great set coming along in the future and you passing on it because you already have to many in the rotation. Good luck with your dilema!!!

  3. Nothing is a bargain unless you need it. These are very unusual.

  4. Love it. I see your dilemma. I have a Westinghouse Vintage copper cake taker and a set of 12 vintage peanut butter glasses. I love them all but keep debating if I want to get rid of them or keep them.

  5. that pattern is amazing. I know the dilemma of to keep or not to keep...but if it was me I would keep it. It's not a classic but still a beautiful, tasteful and cute example of its era.