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Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Been Crazy!

This weekend we finally had our garage sale.  I'm telling you that this sale was 15 years in the making!  It should have been done waaaaaaaay before now.  It took my husband and I all day Thursday to set up and we were supposed to open at 10 on Friday but ended up opening earlier because A) we were ready and B) as I was coming up the driveway after running a quick errand, I had three cars sneak in the gate behind me before it could shut.  Dealers.
One reason I kept putting off the sale was because I couldn't stand to miss a weekend of going to the sales myself!  I figured that if I waited until the end of the season, I would have fewer competition for my sale and I wouldn't miss anything too great.  WRONG!  There were 241 sales listed on Craigslist alone.  Lucky for me, my favorite estate sale company started their sale on Thursday so I was able to go to that one and on the way to run my errand on Friday morning, I was able to sneak off to another estate sale that was right by my house.  Going to a sale when you are supposed to be running an errand for your own sale?  Okay, maybe I do have a problem.
Since this sale had so much accumulation (our stuff, some of Sisters stuff, and our dad's stuff), we did really good.  Is it tacky to tell you how much we made?  I think it is the only way to tell you just how much we had to sell.  Ready?  $2,200.00 in two days!  Most of the items were 25 cents to a dollar with the exception of a set of tires, my bedroom set, and Maddie's quad.  I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that every single piece of Pyrex flew out the door.  When you price it below $3 a piece with some in the below a dollar range, that is bound to happen.

I did get a ton of stuff at the two sales I managed to go to but that is still sitting in my bedroom waiting to be dealt with.  So I will show you some other things I haven't gotten around to sharing yet.

My first duplicate vintage tablecloth.  This may go into Sister's new collection.
More vintage cookbooks.  Maddie and I have made the plan to start making one item a week out of one of our old books.  We'll see how that goes!
I know we have all seen the rooster versions of this salt holder, but have you ever seen a bird?  And it's pink!  She is way to pretty to sit by my stove so I have her in my bedroom.  I put my wedding ring in it at night.  I also got Sister this old clear refrigerator dish with vegetables embossed on the lid.  I bought her the smaller version at Goodwill in Washington.  The birthday candles were another Free Box score.
I found the big glass jar with the lid (which is kinda rare) at the flea market.  Sister missed out on this pink metal trash can at a sale we were at together (bummer!), and the yellow napkin holder is now pink (of course).  It was only 10 cents!
A couple more flea market finds.  This is an awesome cookbook and it is huge!  There are some great recipes in it too.  I figured it would go good with my Vintage Rustic Farmhouse theme I have going on.  The recipe box has the original price sticker on the bottom (59 cents).  Not sure if it was ever used.
This was a birthday gift from my mom.  Every year, she struggles with what to buy me.  I have a tendency to buy the things that I want/need so I can be hard to shop for.  Sister told her to buy me something old.  So she headed to an estate sale by her house and picked up this awesome, heavy pink depression glass pitcher for me.  Good job, mama!

Well, that's all for now.  I need to go wake up Sister (who is in town for the second weekend it a row!  Yippee!!).  We are headed to opening day at the Piccadilly Flea Market.  We are paying the higher price to get in 2 hours early.  The dealers have had all Summer to find new treasures and we want to have first pick!  If I have learned anything in my foray into the junking world, it is that the early bird does get the worm!

I am going to link up over at Pink Saturday for Beverly's party and then over to Sir Thrift-A-Lot's when he gets his party started.  Oh & Apron Thrift Girl just opened Thrift Share Monday so I think I will head over there too.

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  1. Loving the pink trash can and the recipe box! I always feel like a rebel when I stop at a yard sale or thrift store when I'm supposed to be doing something else!

  2. I'll be anxious to see how the baking goes from the old cookbooks!!

    Great finds - I can't find anything these days....

  3. Love all your finds but especially the bird salt holder - I've never seen one before!
    Time for me to go thrifting again soon - it's been a while.

  4. I hope you have great fun with your sister! I live in South America where there are NO yard sales and it's the thing I miss most about the States (besides family and friends). Can't wait for our trip next week where I'll have 3 weekends to yard sale. Woo Hoo!

  5. Now thats a success $2200.00. I NEVER have luck like that. I'm in love with the pink trash can--so cute. What a wonderful pitcher from your Mama.

  6. Love the pink hen! I actually have a rooster and hen given to me by my mom who got it from her grandmother. They are so pretty ...

  7. Oh yes. That pink garbage can - absolute score! The cute little images remind me of the images on the inside of Hole's Live Through This album.

  8. I am sorry I missed your sale! LOL! $3 and under for Pyrex??? I'd love to find that deal! :)

  9. I love the pink and red cake on the cookbook cover! Great finds!