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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Good Sales Are Dwindling

While there are no shortage of sales around town on the weekends, all of the good sales are definitely becoming a distant memory. Gone are the days of trying to figure out how I am going to get to three amazing estate sales that all start at 9:00 am.  These days I'm lucky to find one every couple of weeks.  Oh well.  After the amazing finds I have come across this summer, I definitely can't complain.
I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to find these Jadeite shakers and refrigerator dish at an estate sale last week.  I was actually going for something else that I saw in the online photos and didn't get to these until about 10 minutes after the sale started. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THEY WERE STILL THERE?!!  Ready for the shocker?  The shakers were $10 for the set and the dish was $8.00. Amazing.  Those of you familiar with Jadeite know that these are excellent prices.  A few days later, Sister & I were at the flea market and someone had the same set for sale for $85.00. I got the Alpine Chalet mug for a quarter.  Love the cute graphics.
This is what I was going for first.  Like I've said before, it's pretty hard to come by vintage Halloween so when I saw this in the photos, I knew I had to try and grab it.  I wasn't the only one looking for it.  I had one lady offer to buy it from me.  This is not the first time this has happened.
I've picked up some amazingly bright and perfect vintage hand towels and tablecloths lately.
I got these for my fall decorating. There were tons of the cans of pumpkin seeds in the basement of the sale for $8.00 apiece!  They were still full and sealed but I managed to find the one empty one in the bunch for a dollar. 
My husband found the pink shaker at Goodwill.  It's unmarked so I'm not exactly sure what it is or if it is even old.  It's pretty (and pink!) so I better keep it.  Want to hear something really bad?  I can't remember where I got the vintage drinking glass and match holder. 
I got this sheet music cover from the flea market.  I thought the graphics were super cute and it would look really good framed in my kitchen.

I know in the beginning of my post I was complaining about the lack of good sales.  After looking at all of this great stuff you are probably wondering what in the world I have to complain about.  Yeah, you are all probably right.

I'm going to link up at the Thriftosaurus Thrift Haul party & with Sue for Rednesday.  See you there!

Until next time...


PS: Everybody try and send Sister Hanna some good wishes.  Her crazy dog Miss Piper Doodle head butted her the other day and she is really dizzy, nauseous, and has a possible concussion (waiting to hear back on the scan).  I wish she was closer so I could take care of her!


  1. Ohhh, poor Hanna!!

    Lucky you to have that Halloween blow mold! The other Saturday, we were dropping off donations at Value Village, someone had dropped off a Halloween blow mold, it was still outside, I asked, you have to wait until it's priced and on the floor! DARN! My husband went back on Monday, not a sign of it.... They're hard to come by!

  2. The pumpkin and sunflower seed cans have great graphics, but $8 seems high. Glad you found the one marked $1. ;-)
    Great find on the vintage cloths.......sarah

  3. Wow, Hope your Sis is ok....Hope pooch is too for that matter. Great finds, especially the vintage tablecloths.

  4. Those cans of pumpkin seeds would look so cute in a halloween vignette. Love the vintage pumpkin.

  5. That is a great deal on the Jadeite. I remember when I first started becoming interested in vintage stuff I saw some in an antique shop. I loved the color, and went for them, then I saw the price tag and carefully put them away! And I love the pumpkin!

  6. What the heck kind of dog is Miss Piper Doodle? Poor Hannah!
    Yes, you really found a lot of cute things considering it's the end of the season. I know it's hard to accept the fact that things are winding down! :( But next season you'll be back in full force right? I know that I will!
    Can you believe that I had to leave that exact same pumpkin at the thrift store the other day and it was only .50??? Our thrift only lets you use your check card on purchaces of 5.00 or more, and I didn't even have change on me! Ahhhh!
    Erica :)

    1. She is a Chesapeak Bay Retriever who weighs all of 50 pounds soaking wet! She was just playing a little too rough (and Hanna may have had a little vodka):-). I am so sad for you that you had to leave the pumpkin behind! They can be pretty spendy and 50 cents is a score. You should go back!!!


  7. I hope Hanna does ok. Ouch!

    I am in shock at your jadeite pieces. That is dirt cheap. I don't even bother at Estate sales here because 9 times out of 10, the prices are higher than the antique mall. I hardly ever find anything good at garage sales.
    You found some great things.

  8. Chiquita Banana looks so hot. Very nice Jadeite scores. I have yet to find an affordable piece. I wanted that same match holder from a flea market in Grand Bend in early August.. but left it. They wanted $14 for it.

    Hope your sis is OK!

  9. Oh no! I am sure you are taking care of Sister Hannah from afar too!

  10. Gosh I loved everything! I'm so glad I stopped by! Happy Rednesday!

  11. Ooo! Alpine Chalet is the pattern from my early childhood- the first dishes that I remember and I now collect them! Great find!

    I also have that middle strawberry linen but in a small table cloth. Mine currently covers the top of my micro wave.

    Feel better soon poor Hanna! ♥

  12. You definitely picked up some choice pieces! I especially like the pumpkin guy!

  13. Love the "Pumpkin on wheat" Blow Mold! I JUST aquired that one this year for my decorations too and gotit for a STEAL at $10! I have to say im a tiny bit jealous of your "Pumpkin on a cats back" blow mold haha thats the one im going to try and hunt up next!