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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Cute Stuff!

Hi Everyone!

I'm still recovering from our massive sale last weekend.  It was definitely a whirlwind but worth it 100%.  Want to know something pretty bad?  Sister and I both have already started boxes for our sale next Spring!  Seriously, we could have a sale every couple of months and still never get rid of it all. Normally, when you watch Hoarders, the people portrayed are older that 26 and 36.  Should we be worried?
I found these awesome dishtowels a while back.  Of course, we don't use them as dishtowels.  I'm pretty sure the sound of me screeching "OMG DON'T TOUCH THOSE!!!" when my husband tried to actually dry his hands on one was enough for him.  I think it is safe to say that he will stick to paper towels from now on.
Vintage Valentines, honeycombs, and paper doilies will never be passed up by me!
Really?  Who can resist the cute graphics?  What am I going to do with them?  I'm not a scrapbooker.  Any ideas?
I have been obsessed with these salt and pepper shakers ever since I saw a similar pair on Sherry's blog Back 2 Vintage.  After not searching eBay or etsy for them for quite a while, I punched in "kissing cowboy salt pepper shakers" into the search bar on eBay and these were ending in 7 minutes with no bids.
Meant to be, don't you think?
Can you believe that I found these books at St. Vincents?  AND they weren't in the collectibles case.  Somebody wasn't paying attention:-)
My vintage Halloween collection is slooooooooowly starting to grow.  I know I've said it before but I sure wish it was as easy to find Halloween as Christmas!

That's all for now.  Be sure and head over to Sue's for Rednesday.  I will be linking up over there and checking out all the other reds.

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  1. Thank you for your nice comment!
    I love those towels! I would trade you the match box holder for the towels but the holder isn't in good condition! It certainly wouldn't be a fair trade!
    Happy Rednesday!

  2. I love morning glory! I would have smacked my husband upside the head for trying to use a hand towel for...drying his hands!!? LOL
    What was he thinking?? I have all three of those cute little books you found. You must have a big collection by now too.
    Keep havin fun spending that garage sale money!
    Erica :)

  3. OH...what gorgeous vintage towels. Use them? A no, no in my house when they're that gorgeous. Yes, those S&P's were meant to be for you. Funny, I admire them everytine I go to Sherry's blog, they're just too cute. I'm a new follower! :-)

  4. Glad to hear that your sale was successful! Looks like you are spending your hard earned profits well! The valentines are adorable, but I'm coming up blank on a different use for them. Good luck!!!

  5. You sisters are okay. If you have a sale- you're not a true hoarder!

    Scan your cards and you can print them out in the future if you want to craft with them. My friends and i use them in cards, tags and garlands. I have a collage of vintage Christmas cards all framed together, too. I love the cute faces of the cards from the 50s-60s. ♥

  6. I love the vintage Valentine's. It brings back so many memories. We used to make a "mail box" for kids to leave each others valentine's in by using a shoe box and construction paper. Think I'll look for some vintage Valentines and make a replica of those old mailboxes we made, fill it with the valentines and use it as decor for Valentines. Thanks for the memory.

  7. I collect vintage postcards and valentine's and then each holiday, I arrange them on one of those cute bulletin boards with the criss-cross ribbon that you just use to tuck the cards in. It's a fun display!

  8. Oh, wow, they're all wonderful! I do love the towels the best and, I too, can agree that you have to warn the family to stay away from the vintage towels!