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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to the Griswold's Redmond Family Vacation

I'm back!  Matt and I just spent a week in Eastern Oregon with his family.  Imagine the Griswolds and that will give you a pretty good idea of what my vacation was like with the in-laws.  We drove separately, but they came in an Explorer with 5 adults and an adult dog that sat across their laps.  I would die.  One day we went rafting on the Deschutes river out of Maupin, Oregon.  I am terrified of water but wanted to show everyone that I could do it.  Well, I didn't realize how intense the rafting was going to be.  At one point our guide had us practice paddling and then diving into the boat  right before a rapid.  I thought I was going to die, literally.  Lets just say I dove into the boat before I was supposed to and was not always paddling when I was told to (because I was holding on with a death grip.)  This particular rapid we dropped 6 feet.  To give you an idea of the trip, here are a few photos.
This is the oblivious me, you can tell because I'm still smiling.  I'm in the middle on the left.
This was the remainder of the trip.  Me gripping for dear life, while everyone else paddled.  I can say I did it and it was fun, but that one class 4 rapid was terrifying.  I'm happy my hobby of thrifting is a little less risky.

I was definitely out of my element, so my in-laws decided maybe a little antiquing in Redmond, Oregon would cure me.  Here are some of the fun things I saw, but didn't buy.
 I did not picture this well, but there was an entire room of quilts 25% off.  I know nothing about quilts except they are pretty and EXPENSIVE!  Every one I picked up was at least $125.
So pretty though!

The one thing I really wanted was this metal deer on the right, it was a bank!  But at $65, I would have nothing to put into it!  The other smaller deers were metal too, I really need a metal deer.
You know you're in Eastern Oregon if there is a deer antler ink well.  So strange.
I've been on a huge exercising kick.  This is week 5 of my running for weight loss.  I've only gained weight.  Maybe I need this exercise shaker?
I knew I was getting to the good stuff when I entered this booth.  You know what goes really well with vintage cowboy boots?
Pyrex!  More importantly, English Pyrex.  I stood there for a while, and even said to Matt, "Is that a funny color to you?"  This is the only thing I bought from the antique malls, and just for $6.
And yes, it was a funny color!  This is my one and only piece of JAJ Pyrex.  It is such a pretty color, almost a salmon.
The only other item I really wanted was this donkey on wheels.
I told Sister since our stubborn husbands wont let us have really mini donkeys yet that this may be a perfect substitute.

The next day I snuck away to the thrift stores for some alone time.  Who knew family vacations could be so over stimulating?  I went to a total of 5 thrifts in Redmond and only bought a few things.

We have been on a serious Mad Men kick in this household.  Matt has decided he needed a Don Draper decanter and for $1.99 this was perfect.  I love this souvenir tray from the Bahamas, it is a great reminder of our honeymoon.
And as I sit here writing this I'm enjoying one of my Johnny Cash albums.  They aren't perfect, but I wasn't leaving Johnny Cash vinyl behind.

I'm happy to be home, but had a really fun vacation.  Whenever I travel with my in laws I'm reminded of how wild mine and Sister's family is.  We are just a bunch of party animals!  But, its always nice to have a change of pace.

Here is to some good thrifting this week!
Until Next Time!


  1. Farm Chicks is the place to buy a quilt! I bought a huge Texas Star for $25.00. It needed a few repairs but that's okay!

    LOVE the little donkey on wheels and you look so cute posing with it. :)

    Okay- about the exercising to lose weight thing... It works for me if I don't satisfy the huge hunger that accompanies it! Good luck, Hanna!

    1. I think I need to take your tip because I've been eating A LOT! I think it will be Farm Chicks for me next June!

  2. Such a cute pic of the "Oblivious You" on the raft! lol
    Every time I see a donkey item I think of you guys. They're so cute! I'm glad you were able to find some thrifty things on your fun family trip. Oh! And what a neat Gooseberry!
    Erica :)

  3. What a weird gooseberry! Glad you picked it up! I too have been on a mad men kick... I rewatched all of season 1 last weekend and this week I'm burning through season 2, I guess im paying even more attention to the sets this go round than the first time as our Casablanca year next year is "1960" haha I've already determined we are going to have to get a sexy 60's looking hi-fi stereo for the living room! Mini donkeys what a hoot!

  4. Very neat Gooseberry. I have that exercise machine. I use it daily.

  5. Such a brave soul you are! My family has tried and tried to get me to go rafting in Colorado and I am to chicken! At least you got to satisfy that thrifting bug...great finds and a really pretty Gooseberry.

  6. It's good you can say now that you have rafted and just be done with it. I live near some of the best rafting rivers in the world, but I've never gone. One day I'll check it off the list but it's so freakin scary!
    It was nice of them to throw you a bone and take you to some antique shops. That donkey is pretty cool and the JAJ is beautiful!

  7. Your finds are so much fun and it looks like you had a great time!

    Great find in the salmon colored PYREX!

  8. Have you seen this? http://www.etsy.com/listing/103122327/vintage-pyrex-poster-blue?ref=listing-shop-header-0

  9. OMG! You saw JAJ Pyrex just sitting on a shelf and it was that affordable? WOW! That is some score! I am in love with the red gooseberry - it is to die for!