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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Small Town Estate Sale

Hi Everyone!
Remember my last post where I showed you all the great vintage glassware from the small town Goodwill?  Well, there was a reason we were in that small town.  There was a pretty promising sounding estate sale and with the boys out of town on a fishing trip, we didn't have anything holding us back on Saturday morning.  So off we went....
When we pulled up, there were about 15 of these old aluminum lawn chairs sitting in the yard.  Call me crazy, but I have been coveting these for a couple of years.  Sure, I have come across them at sales but never in great colors like these turquoise beauties!  All the others were 70's brown and avocado green so these shone like a diamond in the rough.  And with the $2.00 price tag for both you can't really have expected me to leave them behind, right?
Maddie picked out some old school library books for her collection.  I claimed the red one for my patriotic decorations for next year.  On a side note, I still haven't taken down my 4th of July decorations.  Who says you can only be patriotic for one day?!  That's my excuse but the real reason is I'm just being lazy.

I found the clear refrigerator dishes, Pyrex platter, and old shaker in the workshop.  It's crazy where some people think to put things for an estate sale.  Does anybody have any helpful hints as to how I can get the rest of that decal off of the shaker?

As I was getting ready to check out, I noticed a random pile of what looked to be empty boxes sitting in the middle of the yard.  I did a little investigating and found they were full of Christmas stuff.  Unfortunately, these were the only older ornaments I found.  But they are all marked Made in USA so that makes me happy!

The sellers had a lot of succulents that were in little green plastic pots for sale but Maddie managed to find this cutie off all by itself.  Is it wrong of me to feel guilty for wanting to keep it and not pass it on to my deer loving Sisterita?

A couple of weeks ago, I got a surprise package in the mail from my blog friend Stacey from The Gluten Free Pastor's Wife.  I have always been a teeny bit jealous of her super cute and talented grandma.  She sews the cutest kitchen towels!


Yippeee!  Now I don't have to be jealous anymore.  Thanks Stacey!  Give that sweet grandma a hug from me too:-) 

So far, the sales aren't looking too promising for this weekend.  I'm hoping that will all change.  I'm itching for some good junk!

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  1. Love the readers! They are a HOT item in my Market Mondays! Oh, and the turquoise chairs...so great!
    I've been grabbing plain ornaments like that too. They'll be great for wreath making!
    Hope you girls find another fabulous sale this weekend!
    Erica :)

  2. Of course you had to head out with Maddie with the boys away! The chairs are great..I always pick up the webbing when I find it and have it on hand to redo chairs that have seen better days..but the turquoise is a keeper!

    p.s Tell Maddie she scored on the Oregon maps for me/kate. I have to come up with some crazy dorm project!

  3. awesome awesome! I love your chairs the best. I would have snapped those up too!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. You and me both...looking for good sales! Glad you like the towels :)

  5. Love the chairs!! Those are in my moms garage still in use! What a fun day!

  6. The chairs are awesome! No way you could have passed those up.
    It's so strange how things end up in the weirdest spots. Why would those lovely ornaments be in the middle of the yard? Who knows...
    The towels are lovely! That's a very nice gift.

  7. i want those books and the linens are gorgeous.

  8. You did find some great little books but Oh I love that white planter!! CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing at TTF this week.


  9. Turquoise is my signature color! What a deal at $2.00! Maybe you could let the shaker soak in hot water for a few days? Then maybe with the help of a magic eraser you could get them off! What a great sale!

  10. I would've bought all of those lawn chairs! I always pick them up when I find them!

    No idea how to remove the decal, but once you do, it def needs another one! :)

  11. The chairs are pretty but I don't like sitting on those!! Hah! I remember we had lime green and orange and brown!!

  12. For the decal, I would soak in warm soapy water for a while, then use a razor blade scraper carefully to avoid scratching the glass. Maybe warm soapy water by itself will make it fall away, I hope. Also I use a lot of 'goo gone' I buy at Dollar Tree. (Or try nail polish remover.) Love your blog, Mary

  13. Erica, the chairs were definitely a take home item. The books will be so fun to add to Maddies collection too. Love that towel. Grandma did good! I have not been to an estate sale for some time. Having withdrawals. Found a great yard sale last week though. Thanks for sharing with SYC.