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Friday, July 12, 2013

It's a Miracle!

Well, it finally happened.  I finally got myself up and to an estate sale early this morning.  I know, a miracle.  I think Erica threatening to call me at 5 am was enough push.  Or the fact that there are rarely estate sales around here, let alone ones that sound half way decent.  I got there an hour and 45 minutes early and was #2.  I also made today the day I made friends with my competition.  It was fun to chat with people that have hoarding problems such as mine :)

I kept saying, "I hope this was worth the wait!."  I got inside and wasn't really finding anything.  I headed upstairs to a tiny little closet and squeezed in next to an older man and started digging.  I'm happy I did, these are my favorite finds.
Erica and I have Tik Tok of Oz from our father, so I was excited to find these 2 books.
 The birds paint by number and the other little book below were in the free box.  The Burgess Bird book is in a little rough shape, but it obviously had to come home with me.
A few other books I picked up.  I wish people would stop putting tape on books and paper items at sales!  The True Dog Stories book is so cute, but the cover got ruined.  I found one single Valentine stashed away in the closet so it came home with me too.
I also grabbed some animal friends.  The little deer aren't anything special but they needed to join me for Christmas.  I finally found my first Easter egg, which was exciting.  The Favor Ware bird is a little chippy in the paint but I love it anyway.

When I was checking out I got a little distracted because of what I saw.  I battled with myself for a few minutes, trying to decide if it was too creepy or not.  Finally I gave in.  The box is a little rough, but I decided it was meant to be.
 Spooky.  I know.  Once again, estate sale people, stop taping boxes!  This would have been perfect.  If anyone has a trick of getting tape off of paper, please tell me.  I was VERY careful.  My husband is going to freak out when he comes home and sees this on the coffee table.  Maddie says I shouldn't use it, I probably wont.  But, the shock factor of my husband will be priceless.
 I picked these books up at a sale last Friday, but thats all I found.  Sales have been few and far between out here on the coast.
And my Goodwill has been brutal.  A opal 401 and these bird hooks is all I've found over the last 2 weeks.  I wish my thrifts were better but I feel lucky that I had an okay estate sale.  The Oz books were totally worth it and it was fun to get out to a sale and bring something creepy home for my husband.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I'm headed off on a trip for the week with my in-laws.  Hopefully it will be full of fun thrifting finds!

Until Next Time!


  1. Oh my word! I found that exact ouija game in a thrift shop, but they wanted $20, so after you shock your hubby, you can sell it, LOL!

    Really great books, love the hooks too!

  2. Great finds! I'm so glad you got out to a sale. It's much fun to pick up vintage books and little things like that. Love the easter egg too!
    I hope the OUIJA board doesn't tell you anything too spooky!!!
    Erica :)

  3. Glad you ventured out into estate sale land and were rewarded. Ditto on the tape issue..drives me CRAZY..or price stickers!

  4. I hate it when dealers put tape on books or paper - agghhh!!! Believe it or not a little lighter fluid on a Qtip rubbed over the tape lightly will take it right off with no damage. I worked at an antique mall for years and we did this trick all the time and it works. Try it.


    1. Thanks Danielle! I will be trying that next time for sure!

  5. There's a product called Un-Du (I think it actually has a similar ingredient as the lighter fluid) that is sold in craft and scrapbooking stores that I use. It removes adhesive stuff but then it evaporates and isn't supposed to leave a stain behind. I've had a pretty good success rate (although not 100%--some old paper does stain a bit) but better than nothing!

  6. Great finds! The Oz books are GREAT!!!!!!

    Makes me want to get up early tomorrow and find an estate sale. :)

  7. I have had success with using a blow dryer. The shot of heat causes the glue to loosen enough to slowly take the tape off with little to no damage.

  8. Those little bird hooks couldn't have gone to a better home. Oh and the Ouija board is awesome! It will go great in your Halloween display.
    You kind of make me want to get off my bum and go find a good sale...but man, you guys sure do get up early! : )
    I'm not sure the Little Dude would appreciate being woken up at the butt crack of dawn to go shopping, which he hates.

  9. Depending on how fresh the tape is, you can usually take a blow dryer and heat the tape up until it peels off. It might leave some residue, but I'll take that over torn parts!