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Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Guess It's Better Than Nothing

Want to hear something so sad?  It's the middle of July and the sale season still hasn't picked up in my little corner of the world.  What the heck is up with that?  My husband even mentioned it to me yesterday.  He reminded me that last year at this time, we were having to tag team sales because there were so many good ones that started at the same time.  Uh, like I needed that reminder.  Now, there are a lot of sales each and every weekend but they are either A) your typical sale full of Dollar Store castoffs and kid's stuff or B) given by someone who should probably just have a booth at an antique mall with the prices they are charging.  And although my favorite estate sale companies still have sales every weekend, not one has promised the vintage hauls like last year.

But you know what readers?  It's hard to keep a good treasure hunter down.  I may have to hit up way more sales than I normally would and dig a little harder but I do manage to bring some things home.  Maddie & I went out Thursday, Friday, and yesterday and had some pretty decent luck. 

This picnic basket was marked $10.00 which isn't a bad price at all.  But evidently Maddie thought she could get it for cheaper so she marched up and offered five bucks.  The lady smiled and didn't even hesitate.  I wish I could lend her out to some of you guys!

I have had the little pitcher on the right for a couple of years.  I didn't realize that it also came in a bigger size and was happy to find it.  The guy told me he had the matching glasses for it too and promised to call me if he found them. 

What better time of year to find a picnic tablecloth than Summer?

When I was in 6th grade, our music class performed South Pacific for the Spring program.  I remember watching this movie with my Grandma Gloria who absolutely loved every musical there ever was.  Singing In The Rain was her favorite.  I don't have a record player so I am going to have Sister bring hers down the next time she visits.  I wonder if I still remember the words to "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair?".  God help us all if I do.

I already have this Kitchen Glassware book so I am passing it on to Hanna.  The little tin is marked Germany and was in the Free Box.  Those Gurley Candles are reproductions but dang if they don't look EXACTLY like the originals.  They will be perfect for wreath making.

Want to see my lone Pyrex find of the week?  This came courtesy of my favorite antique mall and was only 3 bucks! 

Normally I would be pretty bummed to only find one piece of Pyrex for the week.

But this little beauty completed a set for me!  Woo-hoo!!  So funny story about this set.  The first three pieces I bought as a set from the exact same seller that I got the orange 501 from.  What's up with that?  Why didn't she have them all together at the same time?  Oh well. Doesn't matter.  They are all reunited and displayed with my other completed sets in my Laundry Room. Yes, I did say Laundry Room. You gotta come up with some pretty creative ways if you want to display your Pyrex!

There's more but I will save it for next time.

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  1. Hi, Erica! There used to be a commercial jingle, "I'm gonna wash that grey right out of my hair." It was years before I found out they were copying!

    I love all your finds and yeah, I wish you could loan me Maddie! I'm always to embarrassed to ask for less. :)

  2. OH! and a friendship fridge set at that! good going, pyrex envy here.

  3. When I took my cute blond haired Dutch/American son thrift shopping with me, he always got the best bargains. He still does at age 29 (and not so much hair--shhhhh). Enjoy taking along your cutie partner.

  4. Love the design on the pitchers!! Hope you get the matching glasses!!!

  5. All the reasons that you listed in your first paragraph are the exact reasons why I don't go to garage sales at all anymore. They're just full of new stuff, or totally over priced. For some reason I've even begun to resist Estate Sales because of how competitive they are. I guess that's why I keep waiting to go until they are about to close. There aren't any other people! And it's actually worked out for me a few times, though I know I'm only getting a fraction of what I would if I got there to get a number at 5AM! The Flea Market is my favorite place ever. Great deals, all vintage stuff, and no competition. I'm such a baby!!! LOL
    Love your imposter Gurleys!
    Erica :)

  6. Never been to an estate sale at the beginning, too scared! They sound so frightening. Wish I could have found that Pyrex at that price - good find! Would have been like $14 here. I want to go to your antique market. Wish I had more time to spend in the book department at the thrifts, but always too busy hustling to the next one. Book accumulation just isn't all that important. Usually at the last thrift of the day, I'll wander around the book section.

  7. My daughter and I hit the yard sales in her city on Saturday, it was a great big letdown, we bought nothing!! Junk, dollar store stuff, high priced junk, toys and clothing, that about sums it up!

    My Dad had a bunch of those Living Stereo albums,I kept them all including the one you found, I always loved that cover!!

  8. I was just having a conversation with another estate sale friend about the lack of sales. We both need on of those really good doozy ones that make my hands shake and make my giddy. At least you found some stuff.

    p.s. If Maddy ever disappears for awhile she may be at my house getting me good deals.

  9. Yay completed sets! Haha Maddie, my sister Mable, and Patricia would get along great! After the "cute" wore off me (as I am a boy) I would always get my sister to haggle, Patricia however has it down to a SCIENCE! Cute dress, neat shoes, 1940's/50's hair and a million dollar smile. She ALWAYS gets smashing deals! And that marrying quality right there! ;)

  10. Gorgeous picnic basket...go Maddie! And oh, how I'd love to find all those fridgies! I have the big one.

  11. All really good finds ... but I really love the picnic basket! Love them all though.

  12. It's tough here too. The few sales I have seen this year have been priced way out of my league. I have to wait till the last day to get anything so who knows what kind of awesome stuff I'm missing out on. Oh well, I'm just going to stick to the thrifts.
    Glad you completed your Friendship set! People always say to not put a lot of effort into your laundry room. I don't agree because some of us spend a lot of freaking time in there! I bet yours is lovely.

  13. Yay for completed sets! I completed two this week- feels good! I haven't been to any decent sales yet this year (garage or estate) and the thrifts are a bust. Either no one is cleaning out their house or all the good stuff is gone already before the sale; who knows where it goes, but it ain't there right now...

  14. As always...some amazing finds and thanks so much for sharing with us! HUGS...

  15. What great finds!! Love your pretty brightly colored pyrex! So summery! :) Have a great weekend! xo Holly