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Sunday, June 2, 2013

What My Weekend Really Was

Hi guys, Hanna here.  Well I will tell you what my weekend wasn't.  It wasn't going to Seattle with my husband and using the Kenny Chesney tickets I won on the radio in January.  And it wasn't Farm Chicks with Sister, which I wasn't attending because of the concert.  Nope, this is what my weekend really was.
No that is not a racing horse.  That is Piper after 4 of us held her down at the vet for over an hour.  Her favorite puppy sitter took her to play hockey on a tennis court.  Not sure why or how because she has done this with him before, but this time she tore off not 1, but all 4 of her paw pads.  I got home from work and she wouldn't come out of her kennel.  I carried her in the house and when I started investigating.  It was bad.  We canceled our trip, headed to the vet, and now this pup will have antibiotics, pain killers, and wrapped paws for at least 2 weeks.  Poor thing.  I did get to do a few things this weekend in the thrifting world though, so here are my finds.
 I found this wrapping paper and stationary at a very stinky estate sale.  The smell was torture, but it was worth it.
At another estate sale I found these vintage Mikasa plates.  I ended up with 8 of them.  This is exactly the type of pattern I've been looking for.  For a whopping $1.50, these had to come home with me.

 This is the tiniest deer I've ever found.  I actually picked him up at a Goodwill when I made a run to the valley this week.  I found some other goodies, but they are for Erica and Maddie's b-days, so no sharing, sorry!
My little friend feels right at home with his other buddies.

So the same sale I got the plates there was a retro dinette set.  I loved it, but it was $50 (which I still thought was really reasonable.)  The lady running the sale saw me admiring it and told me she could do $25.  I told her I would go talk to my husband.  Of course he said no.  The reality is, I don't need it.  I told him I thought I could re-sell it.  Still, no.  I stewed all day and finally when he was distracted watching hockey I drove back.  She gave it to me for $20.  The husband says it has to be out in a week.  I set it up in my driveway and read a book at it and drank wine.  My neighbors must have thought I was nuts.  I was just wishing I could be with Erica at Farm Chicks and now he was going to make me give up my new dinette!?!  I listed it online today, I hope there isn't any interest.  I think it was meant for me.
Isn't the canary yellow awesome?  We will see what happens, but I have a feeling it may stay with me.

Lastly, I got to go to an antique store in my area that is never open when I drive by.  It is called Yankee Trader and is on hwy 101 between Seaside and Gearhart.  I was so excited to go inside and so happy I did.  The prices were awesome, the set up was amazing, and I got 2 new things.

When I picked these shakers up my husband immediately told me they were creepy and to put them back.  I didn't.  They sit in my living room at the perfect angle that they look at him if he is watching TV.  I think they are awesome.

The Pyrex green dot-squares.  I've eyed this beauty for a long time online, but have never seen it in person.  I paid $12, which I didn't think was too bad. 

So, my weekend was not what I expected but I found some cool stuff, got to hang out with the husband, and take care of my pup.  I can't complain. 

 I'm headed over to Sir-Thrift-a-Lots's Thriftasaurus.  Lets send some love his way, his pup is in worse shape then mine.

Until Next Time!


  1. Poor puppy! And poor you- having your plans messed up. :(

    That dinette set reminds me of the one on the show The Wonder Years.

  2. Oh, no. Your poor dog. That sounds painful. I would say I hope you sell your dinette soon, but since I love it to death, I hope you get to keep it and play with it a bit more.

  3. Oh Hanna, Poor Piper! Was it a blacktop surface that was very hot? Can't imagine, but hope she recovers quickly, such a sweet looking dog.

    Sorry you missed the concert and Farm Chicks, but you did well on what you found! So keep those S&P shakers glaring at your hubby until he tells you that you can keep the dinette! It's very retro cool.

    :) Pam

  4. I don't have pets, but I feel for you and your dog, the poor thing!!

    Who wouldn't love that kitchen set, well, guess your husband doesn't!! Hah! It's so retro!! Hope you get to keep it!

    I have that bowl, she's a beauty, isn't she?

  5. Poor pup! And I am in LOVE with your dinette set! I'm currently searching for a retro table & chairs set - $20 is an AMAZING deal. Hopefully someone snatches it up fast! :)

  6. Awwe, you're poor adorable puppy. I hope everything heals good & fast.

    When I my BF says "creepy" a little voice inside my head says, "you have to buy me." I saw that Pyrex bowl for the first time in a market, but passed, since it was more than I would like to pay & it was in the first market I went to of many I planned on visiting... thought I would find many more, rarer pieces... but NOPE!

  7. I was bummed when Erica told me of your change of weekend plans...glad there was still some good that came out of it. Had fun running into your sis a million and a half times throughout the weekend...randomly here and there. YOU ARE COMING NEXT YEAR!

    1. Oh yes, don't you worry, I will be there next year. It was torture to hear about it all weekend but I think that means I will just be all the more excited & prepared in a year!!! Hope you found lots of goodies!

  8. Poor Piper! Hope the recovery is a quick one! The table and chairs a FAN-TASTIC, I love the brightness of it and The Dots bowl- Always one of my favorites!

  9. Grrr. Has anyone else been having blogger issues? All freaking weekend it has been sassing me!
    Anyway, it ate my comment so here it is again.
    Poor puppy! I didn't even know that was a thing that could happen. I hope he feels better soon!
    The dinette set is fabulous! I hope you get to keep it.
    And the salt and pepper shakers are creepy but great, and the strategic placement of them makes them better! Husbands...

  10. Oh no! Poor pup. Hopefully she has some good painkillers and gets well soon! And I hope you DO NOT sell that kitchen set. You must keep it and post photos of often so I can stare at it :)

  11. Yep, I'm with Melissa and Sir Thrift A Lot,with some strategic placement, you could have a lot of fun winding up friends' family and visitors...especially if they are moved frequently. Hmmm.....

  12. Poor dog! And poor you! That patio set is just lovely. And the square dots bowl is great -- I'd love to find one sometime.

  13. I feel so bad for Piper! That must have been really painful! Your poor baby. And then what a bummer to have to miss the concert! My guess it that your Sis will be bringing some treasures home for you!
    What are the chances? lol
    Erica :)

  14. Poor Piper! I hope she is resting comfortably and on the mend. Sending lots of good wishes your way that when you resume your thrifting you find something amazing to make up for all that you've missed! :) --Fran

  15. Poor puppy! Give her nose a big get-well boop from Uncle Veg-O-Matic.
    Man, those are two of the grumpiest elves I've ever seen. If Hubby presses you on getting rid of that awesome dinette, just ask him if he really wants to deal with the Creepy Elf Staredown for the rest of his life! ;)

  16. Great Pyrex bowl and the table an yellow chairs don't ask me why but I thought Brady Bunch right away. I would have brought the elves home to.