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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some Finds, A Souvenir, & A Surprise Gift

Hi, Everyone!

Less than 24 hours to go and I will be on the road to Farm Chicks.  I know, you are all probably getting pretty sick of me mentioning it (or a little jealous, maybe?) but who else can I share my excitement with but my vintage loving blog friends?

As I mentioned in my previous post, last weekend was a little slow sale wise but I did manage to scrounge up a few things to get my vintage fix.

One of my stops yielded a pretty good stash of vintage wrapping paper, some still in the packaging!

So cute and only a quarter per package!
At the same sale, I picked up this cute little tin set and Maddie found a Rand McNally Elf Book for her collection.
We thought that we were done for the day when on the way to St. Vincent's, we saw a sign for a garage sale in an older neighborhood.  The houses in this particular area were built in the late 1940's and early 1950's.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to do a drive by.
I spotted all this pottery from my car and couldn't get parked fast enough (even though we were the only ones there).  AMAZING prices!  The yellow USA and pink McCoy were 50 cents apiece and the taller USA turquoise piece was a dollar.  They are all in perfect condition.
The lady also had a table full of vintage linens.  Most of them were lace and crocheted but I did manage to find three printed tablecloths.  It's a good garage sale-ing day for me when I find either Pyrex or vintage tablecloths!  I didn't see this particular sale on Craigslist or in the classifieds (I double checked when I got home) so these finds were definitely unexpected!

Then it was off to St. Vincent's for a little thrifting.  There are several St. Vinny's in our area but the one I like the most takes all of their vintage items and puts them in a little vignette in one area of the store.  It's so nice to not have to hunt the things that I love down in different departments.

The Foley sifter is a little too worn to be used for it's original purpose so I am going to have Brian plant some flowers in it.  I cannot ever seem to have enough old jars.  This one even has it's original "Delicious Strawberry Jam" label on it.  Maddie found the molds and wants to try to do some of her own little Magpie Ethel-ish projects with them this Summer. 


I went back and forth over whether or not I should buy this old plunger.  Maddie convinced me I needed it because of the pink handle.  It definitely looks like it has been repainted from the original finish because it's just too perfect.  I plan on roughing it up a bit and making it a little less shiny.

Brian and I went to Las Vegas the weekend before last to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.  We were married in Vegas so we always like to go back around our anniversary each year. I picked myself up a little souvenir.

You all know how much I love these Cat Studio souvenir glasses.  They are not considered a vintage collectible but they will be someday!  Now I have Las Vegas to go along with Arizona, Austin, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, & Florida!  I have a ways to go.

Speaking of souvenir glasses...

The lovely Jill from A Little Bit of Everything knows just how much I adore vintage souvenir glasses and surprised me with this one that she found at a yard sale.  It's from the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan.  This glass is the same style and size as my Blakely Arizona Cactus glasses.  I love it!  Thanks, Jill :-)

That's all for now, blog friends.  Wish me luck at Farm Chicks this weekend!  Even if I don't bring home tons of stuff, I'm sure the experience will be worth it.

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Have a great weekend,




  1. You have an amazing haul Erica...I love the vases xx

  2. Vases are awesome!
    I bought one of those plungers in Texas(mine is red and blue and has been repurposed as a flag pole for the fourth)..is it kind of flower shaped on the bottom? Learned from a blogland reader that it is a Stanley clothes washer meant to help wash delicates.
    Yeehaw girlfriend...see you at Farm Chicks!

  3. Jealous? Pretty much!! hehe

    You did wonderful on the pottery and tablecloths. The canisters are really nice.

    I like the shiny handle. Finding something in "like new" condition makes me smile!!

  4. Have fun at Farm Chicks! (Yes, I find it a little depressing, so far away on the East Coast!) Your vases and vintage tablecloths have gotten me in gear to get out yard sale-ing tomorrow morning. (Have that exact same yellow vase on my shelf. And probably also paid 50 cents!)

  5. Erica I am so in love with all those pottery pieces! Also you found some great table cloths! Thanks again for sharing your vintage finds at TTF!


    Have FUN, FUN, FUN at the Farm Chicks! Take lots of photos too!

  7. I am totally jealous!! Wish I lived near. Can't wait to see the pics you take. I LOVE the vintage wrapping paper you found. I am always looking to find the ones with paperdolls on them. Also LOVE the wonderful tablecloths! I just did a post about those today.

  8. So many great finds I love the pottery and linens.

  9. I guess all of your blogging friends wish they were going with you to Farm Chicks!

    Have the best time and bring home a car full!

  10. I can't believe the prices on those pieces of pottery! What a deal! And I'm glad Maddie made you buy the plunger. It's just so neat looking. Happy Anniversary!

  11. Wow, I've never seen a plunger like that before! It's actually cute! I would have bought it too.....and those table linens look stunning hanging in the bright sun. Great finds!

  12. Fabulous vintage tablecloths. I bake little almond cakelets in the old jello molds, have dozens of them in varying sizes...just make sure they are well greased/floured so nothing sticks!
    Have a wonderful week...

  13. I'm jealous of those tins and I KNOW you'll have fun at FC! ♥

  14. So very cool! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve reposted it at my gallery, “The Blog Post Office”. It’s like a reverse linky. Please let me know if you are not happy with that, I can always remove it for you. But I’m really hoping you won‘t mind as all the posts will be a gallery of wonderful items.

    Thank you so much, Victoria Lavender

  15. Cute wrapping paper! I found some '70s (I am guessing) this weekend. You always find some amazing tins!

    BTW - so surprised you don't find Pyrex at Value Village - it's the only place I find it. I'm so inspired to take pictures of the shelves next thrifting trip!

  16. Good Scores! Loving the pink McCoy planter!

  17. You always find the best stuff! Oh, that pottery and the tablecloths have me swooning! Enjoy your "Farm Chicks", it sounds like such fun!

  18. LOVE that pottery! I'm obsessed with that style. I have the McCoy in the center in turquoise and it's one of my favorites!