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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just A Few Sales....

There weren't too many sales on Friday for me to head to, but I couldn't stay home!  I was craving a major junk fix so I had to find something!

The first couple of sales were total duds.  They had some pretty decent stuff but most of it was marked retail.  I found this Lincoln Beautyware paper towel/foil/Saran Wrap/wax paper holder at the 4th sale I hit.  Woo-hoo!  The first find of the day!  I am definitely going to repaint it but haven't decided what color yet.

I picked up these old metal frames at the same sale.  These will be painted too and possibly turned into trays or chalkboards.

The second to last sale I went to was advertised as a "Vintage Sale".  The lady had really cute decorated signs and the house was in an established neighborhood where most of the houses were built in the late 1950's.  She had three tables.  Full of overpriced CRAP!  She was frantically running around changing prices on things because she said her mom had overpriced everything.  Well, she wasn't doing a much better job.  I saw the absolute worst condition Pyrex refrigerator dishes that I had ever seen.  One was a 502 blue from the Primary set.  The only way I know this is that there was a tiny bit of blue left around the rim.  It was so badly dishwashered that it was more white.  There was also a red 501 in the same condition.  I contemplated buying them (before I saw the prices) just for their lids but those too where horribly chipped.  SHE WAS ASKING $10 FOR THE BLUE AND $8 FOR THE RED!!!!  I'm pretty sure I bought the only reasonably priced thing there.  She wanted $5 for this old mailbox but I got her down to $3.  I think it will make the cutest planter.

My last stop of the day was an estate sale that started about 20 minutes before I got to it.  This company is notorious for overwriting their ads plus they never post pictures.  Going to their sales is definitely a gamble.  But I needed some junk!  When I walked up the driveway, I scanned the hold piles and saw that someone had grabbed all the Pyrex.  I wasn't dismayed because A) I either already had the piece or B) It wasn't a pattern I collected.  Whew!

I went right into the kitchen and grabbed these two cookbooks and this adorable little tin.

 It's been awhile since I have found any vintage sheets so I was pretty pleased with this.

My name is Erica & I hoard vintage pillowcases.  HA!!

So it never ceases to amaze me when I head into a sale that has either just started or started hours ago and there are still vintage tablecloths.

I just don't understand some people.  This sale was swarming with dealers.  The lady who bought up all the Pyrex has a booth in a local mall that mainly just carries vintage kitchen.  You would think she would have snatched these up!

Before I headed home, I stopped and met my BFF Rachel for lunch.  We needed to exchange birthday gifts.  Rachel is in nursing school so I haven't got to see her a whole heck of a lot so these gifts were from last years birthdays!

Can you believe that she bought me the turquoise Chip & Dip set?  There is a reason this girl has been my best friend for over 15 years!  Plus I am pretty sure we share the same brain.  I bought her the large yellow Hostess bowl with lid plus the Butterprint 402 mixing bowl.  How funny that we both gave each other Pyrex :-)

I'm heading over to the following parties today:

Thriftasaurus with Sir Thrift-A-Lot
The Nifty Thrifty with A Living Space
Knick of Time Tuesday with A Knick of Time
Nifty Thrifty Tuesday with Coastal Charm

Talk to you all soon!



  1. Lucky for you that she left the tablecloths behind! That is something that I very rarely use!

  2. I LOVE EVERY LAST TABLECLOTH! Lucky duck! And that mailbox makes me swoon! You did goooood!

  3. Glad you didn't miss out on any Pyrex you need! I love the mail box and your idea to use it as a planter. And what a great friendship you guys have to have bought each other Pyrex! Your weekend finds were awesome, good for you!

  4. Ooo and I vote turquoise for the cool holder thing.

  5. Oh those tablecloths just waiting for you, gorgeous. Cant resist pillowcases either! Love your mailbox to planter and great gifts too!

  6. Wow, she passed on those great tablecloths. Good for her because YOU needed them! Dh saw a nice one at an auction last week but it went for 25.00 so I didn't get it, of course.

    We get our mail at he curb so when I found an old mailbox, I had to paint it and hang it by the door. Every old house needs a mailbox, right? I love that yours says MAIL!!

  7. I have a mailbox like that I painted pink and red and decorated it for Valentines. I also have that paper holder and have been on the fence about what color to paint it too (the original chrome is really pitted). I was thinking turquoise!

  8. Turquoise chip & dip - very pretty. Maybe (hopefully) the booth owner is losing her touch?

  9. I have the cookbook on the left and that tin. I love the polka dots on it :) I didn't know there was a turquoise chip and dip...that is so fun.

  10. Love those tablecloths!! And I totally understand the need to find some stuff!! I'm getting a little itchy myself!

  11. Wow, love those tablecloths and the rest of your finds. I am finding more and more high priced items at sales. Guess it must be too many shows on tv and the internet that makes them think they can get those prices at a sale.

  12. I want to go to garage sales tomorrow instead of having my own! LOVE the table clothes! Looks like you scored on your outing!

  13. Great finds - I pinned your great mail box on to my Rusty funky board. Great tablecloth finds.

  14. Erica, glad you nabbed the mail box. Love it's rustic charm! It will make a darling planter. I have a tin just like that and It's among my fav's. It's sad when great Pyrex has been ruined by dishwashers. I wash all mine by hand. Of course, my collection doesn't hold a candle to yours. Oh, I never find old tablecloths. Great finds!

  15. I absolutely love both the mail box and the saran wrap holder! Both things I always look for in my thrifting forays but never find. :) And yes, your friend is AMAZING for getting you that chip and dip set! In aqua, no less!!!

  16. I've never seen the turquoise dip set! I'm excited for you! I so identify with that craving for junk feeling ... and with your horror at seeing ruined Pyrex! There should be weekend jail time for people who try to sell that stuff.

  17. Well obviously those tablecloths were waiting for YOU! I've got a cute little mailbox, with the key, that I bought probably 3 years ago, intending to paint and put some flowers in. It's been just sitting in the garage, so thanks for the reminder!