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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Where There is a Will There is a Way

Hanna here!  Life has been insane lately between the end of the school year and some big changes that could be happening in my personal life in the near future.  I will share the details as soon as I know, but in the mean time I will just say things have been STRESSFUL!  Aside from that, I haven't had a lot of time to shop, but I got lucky and had an estate sale to attend this weekend.  Sister called me up on Thursday and said there was an estate sale listed for Astoria, she is so awesome that she checks for me. The pictures showed a lot of furniture, which I really don't need.  It said it was a 4-story house though, so I figured, why not?

I got to the sale right as it was opening and figured if there was any vintage goodies the dealers in the area would already be all over it.  I could have strangled my husband as we walked in.  To get inside was this weird pathway that wove through the yard.  I was stuck behind like 5 people and he decided to go the other way and low and behold it was short cut.  He beat me into the house and quickly disappeared.  Right when I walked in I saw a china cabinet and remembered it was the one piece of furniture I had any interest in.  I walked up to it and saw it wasn't sold and it was priced REALLY reasonably.  I quickly had it marked as sold and then went to wander.  There were a ton of stained glass windows that had been removed from the house but that was about it.  When I found my husband and told him about the cabinet he was fine with me getting it so I paid and said we would come back for it in the afternoon.

Well, I guess I failed to mention this cabinet was one of those meant for real fancy displays with a mirrored back, glass shelves and sides, and lighting.  When we went back for it I also realized it was a lot bigger than I thought.  By the time we got it home and amazingly in one piece I realized it was going to be hard to find it a place in our tiny little house.  As my mother in law says, "Where there is a will, there is a way," and with a lot of rearranging it now has a new home and so does my Pyrex!
 It is super hard to picture!  But when my Pyrex feels fancy, I can light it up!

 The husband is happy because he doesn't feel like he is going to break any of it now that my favorite pieces are confined to one place in the house.
If you looked closely you would see my newest edition, Saxony!!!  I splurged big time, which is not like me.  I couldn't help it though, this is definitely my all time favorite piece.

It was also the longest garage sale weekend across the river from me.  I picked up just two things.  
 A Relpo goldfinch planter.
And my first picnic basket.  The couple at this sale were really interesting.  I bartered with the husband, he seemed a little easier to work with and I liked him especially after he told me I had a good eye.

I've been ordering things here an there off Ebay for Sisterita's b-day.  One of my items got mixed up with someone else's and so the other buyer and I ended up arranging a swap.  This lady was so sweet and sent me a gift because she said I was so easy to work with.  She sent me these:

 Super cute cocktail napkins.  These are something I would totally buy.  Sometimes you just meet the sweetest people online.  I like the one with the dog that says, "Sniffer."

Last but not least, I went back to the sale this morning and bought myself one of the windows now that they were half off.  I wanted to buy them all, but I practiced restraint.  Lets hope I keep getting lucky on these sales and that my house doubles in size so I have more room!

I'm headed over to Sir Thrift A Lot's Thriftasaurus.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Saxony is so pretty! And it all looks great in your new cabinet. Wow! I love that window! I would have wanted them all too!
    Estates and Garage Sales have been a bit of a bust around here. Lots of high prices, and not as much vintage as in years past. I hope it's not like this all summer! Looks like you have had some good luck though!
    Erica :)

  2. It's really great that your Pyrex has such a great cabinet! Really shows it off.

  3. I've seen a cabinet like that before, they're nice, your Pyrex looks so beautiful in it!

  4. What a nice EBay seller! Loving the guy who seems to be holding a net

  5. Glad you made the cabinet work and that your Pyrex now has a safe spot to live! I saw the ad for the sale in Astoria and thought of you..glad you made it!

  6. Your cabinet is great and your Pyrex looks gorgeous!

  7. I love the cabinet. I have so many little pieces of furniture that I don't think I can fit another piece in...until I find something I really want.

  8. Your Pyrex looks so fancy dancy now! That's a great cabinet, I can't believe the dealers didn't jump all over it. It was meant to be!
    Are you planning something crafty for the fabulous window?

  9. What a lovely cabinet! The back lighting really flatters the Pyrex. I really like that stain glass window too! I have been hoping to happen upon a nice double hung window for the bathroom that might have colored glass in it, but alas no luck yet. Great finds!

  10. I love your Pyrex collection and it really looks lovely in your new cabinet.


  11. I've never seen Saxony before. Congratulations on your very cool purchase!

  12. Your cabinet looks great and makes a wonderful show case for your Pyrex. I'm having a case of envy love your new addition to your Pyrex collection. Always like stain glass your window is lovely.