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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to This Thrifter Sister!

Thanks to my wonderful Sister, you all know that my birthday was last Friday.  In case any of you are wondering, I turned 37.  I've mentioned before that I tend to overlook my birthday because I also have two June babies, so of course it's more their birth month than mine.  But Sister always likes to make me feel special on my day and this year was no exception.  Not only did she make the 4 hour drive to come visit me, she also brought with her a pink suitcase full of amazing and thoughtful gifts!

Here is the aforementioned pink suitcase.  This may look familiar to all of you since it has served as a display in lots of Sisters' posts.  She decided that since it was pink, it was time for it to be mine. I personally think that she was doing one of her household purges and was giving her castoffs to me!  That's ok because I do the same thing with her.

Hanna always makes sure to include a cute card for me.  This one in particular includes an inside joke between us regarding "Sprayin".  Believe me, you don't want to know.

Shockingly enough, I had not yet bought myself the Pyrex printed kitchen towels off of Etsy.  Good thing Sister takes a mental inventory of my kitchen when she comes to visit.  The seller included these cute Eyes printed notecards too.  How nice of Hanna to include them with the towels.  Now me, I may not have been so generous.

Sorry that this pic is blurry.  My amazing photography skills are in full effect here.  I got a phone call from Hanna a few weeks ago asking me if Metlox was a brand of vintage pottery.  I love how she uses my somewhat limited knowledge to decide whether or not she should buy something for ME!  This aqua beauty is actually a bowl but I have it sitting outside with my McCoy flower pots.

I tried to steal the blue and white Hazel Atlas tumbler the last time I visited Astoria.  Lucky for me, it was a victim of Sister's household purge!  So funny story about the pink Pyrex shakers. Hanna bought them off of eBay and outbid me for them!  Can you believe we unknowingly were having a bidding war against each other?

Who doesn't need a pink donkey planter?  Eagle Eye Sisterita spotted this at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  She was so excited to find it for me that she tried to tell me about it right away.  I almost had to hang up on her.  But I resorted to yelling "La la la....I can't hear you!" into the phone.

Now, are you all ready for the biggest surprise ever?  I am pretty sure that we all have certain vintage items that we covet but are unwilling to pay the retail price for, believing that someday we will find it on a yard sale table for fifty cents.

Oh Sister, how much I love you!  She bought me the #1 non-Pyrex vintage item on my wishlist.....the Hazel Atlas pink elephant cocktail shaker!!!  I know she paid a mint for it because I watch them on eBay all the time.  She was so excited not only to give it to me but to actually use it for my birthday festivities, the crazy girl!  No way is this baby ever being used for anything other than eye candy.  She also found the perfect accent piece with the pink elephant recipe box. 

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but I am pretty sure that I have the BEST SISTER EVER!!

I also got something amazing from Brian and the kids but that deserves a post of it's own.

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  1. Yep! I think you *DO* have the bestest sister ever! Enjoy! ♥

  2. LOL I'm sitting here with MY sis, and we are laughing at you two! A Bidding War with eachother over the shakers!! Too Funny! And I can just about imagine what the "sprayin" is all about! :P
    LOVE the pink elephant shaker! I have a feeling that any cocktail that you make in it tastes sooo much better than usual!
    Hanna did an amazing job!
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Erica :)

  3. HAPPY
    You have the best sister! All those perfect gifts:)
    ENJOY your day!

  4. BEST.SISTER.EVER! Oh my gosh, wow I love the hazel atlas glass (that is the very same kind the use on Mad Men in the new office.) THE PINK ELEPHANTS!!!!! Oh the feels I have for that!!! There is a huge punch bowl set that matches the shaker. How funny, you and sister gridlocked in s bidding war!

  5. OMG - DYING here. That pink elephant recipe box is totally fabulous. Cocktail shaker rules, of course, but I've seen it before. Glad you can cross it off your list & got quite a complimentary piece to go with it (the recipe box!).

    Your sister rocks! I'm going to visit my sister & my dad can't take me to a flea market.. & she's like, "get up early on my day off?... no..." What a louse!

    Sprayin' sounds kinda dirty & knowing that, trust me, now I want to know! & too funny about that eBay bidding war, lol.

    1. I hate when I read what I wrote & I have used so many of these !!!!!

      You know?!!!

  6. You really do have the best sister:) She surprised you with some fabulous vintage goodies. I'm in LOVE with the pink elephant shaker! I've seen the glasses that match and they are so cute! Enjoy and Happy Birthday

  7. Erica I think you do have the best sister EVER! I am also June baby and I love my pink also. All your gifts would have made my birthday wish list also. Of course the amazing pink elephant cocktail shaker is really a wonderful surprise. She must really LOVE you! Thanks for linking your great birthday gifts with TTF!

  8. I LOVE everything in this post......HAPPY BIRTHDAY Erica!!
    I can't take my eyes off the suitcase though....you know how obsessed I am about luggage !

  9. You sister nailed you with those gifts. The elephant cocktail shaker and the recipe box could not be more fitting. Bidding against each other? Only you two!

    p.s. you are a young thing!

  10. Happy birthday and a belated happy Rednesday! I love your Hazel Atlas tumbler!

  11. Happy birthday!!!!!! Every last thing was awesome!!! And that card.......the graphics........so cute!

  12. Happy Birthday! What great gifts! I wish I had a sister who shared my passion for great vintage and was willing to share with me! The cocktail shaker is so cute - love that she found the recipe box with it. All the gifts are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  13. Happy Birthday!!! You got the best gifts ever!!!So jealous! Your sister is a keeper! ;)

  14. Wow, what a sister! Now, that's what I call a birthday celebration!