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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Auction Virgins

Happy Sunday!  I can't remember if Erica mentioned, but during my visit we went to our first auction.  We headed over to the preview at 9 am and I quickly realized it was going to be a LONG day for us.  There were quite a few mixed lots of small items we were interested in and also a lawyers bookcase that I've been dreaming of owning for a very long time.  We got our numbers and then headed over to the few thrift shops in the area until the start time arrived.

When we came back we chose a seat in the second row of church pews.  I was feeling really nervous.  Would I have stage fright during bidding?  Would the bookcase be in my budget?  Erica seemed a little nervous but had a look of determination on her face.  These people had no idea who they were dealing with.

Erica jumped right in and bought a lot of some vintage goodness within the first 10 minutes or so.  To tell you the truth we both bought so much stuff I can't remember what exactly her first purchase was.  There were a bunch of books I was interested in and I ended up with this gem.  A sweet Victorian book from 1889.  The cover is gorgeous.

Within minutes, we were totally into it.  The auctioneer named Mike got to know us and our numbers pretty quickly.  He cracked a few jokes about being distracted by the pretty girls in the 2nd row.  Thank goodness they didn't allow cocktails into this place, we were already wild enough!  I continued to do what I do best.  Buy the most random, strange stuff.  I had to have these bookends of course, they are owls.  My first little big book, a filthy little made in Japan dog stuffed animal (he was part of a lot of toys,) and a made in Japan metal elk.
Off topic, but I have to share our Dad's stuffed owl that resides in my home during the summer months and terrifies kids during the school year.  I think he is where the owl obsession started.

 The little doggy came with this lot of goodies.  I will confess, I've never bought dolls before.  I was really just going for the 2 little deer.
 But, then I fell in love with these little faces.  So mischievous.
About an hour and a half into the auction it was time for the bookcase.  It started at $1200.  No bids.  He kept going down and down and then basically said he couldn't go any lower.  It was $100 above my agreed budget.  I was shaking.  I looked at Erica.  She gave me the look.  Ooops!  I am now the proud owner of a beautiful 6 piece lawyers bookcase.  I'm in love.  I immediately called my husband and said sorry and that I had bought my birthday present.  Once I got it home and in place he wasn't so mad.  Here it is.
 Once again, it's super hard to picture.  I put all my most special prizes inside.  The bottom shelf in the picture below has a bunch of trinkets of our Dad's.  I like having a shelf dedicated to him.
So, about 4.5 hours in there was still a bunch of stuff that Erica and I had been waiting for that hadn't been brought up yet.  Mike told the few of us that were left to bring up anything that was left that we wanted to bid on.  Seriously they were giving stuff away.  There were probably 10 people left in the place and Erica cleaned house.  I showed that I was an auction virgin because I wanted this piece of artwork so bad I didn't wait for him to drop the price like he had been all day.  I think I may have been starved and delirious.  Or maybe in love with my new creepy piece of art to haunt my husband with.
 I looked at this picture all day.  I went from creeped out to I have to have it.  Even the runner didn't want to touch the picture.  I told him I was going to put it in my bedroom.  He wouldn't make eye contact with me after that.  The vase is made in Japan and is a strange metal.  My Mom has had the same one for as long as I can remember.
I love these clocks.  They have a Scandinavian feel which goes great in my kitchen.  Neither one works, but I know someone who I think can get one of them functioning.  Plus, who turns down a clock with deer, birds, and mushrooms?
I have failed to mention that Mike and Jason, the owners of the auction and estate company were the nicest guys I've met in a long time.  Jason would come up with really creative ways to use items while they were being auctioned off and share with the audience.  Mike the auctioneer was a real goofy guy.  When I came back for my bookcase they loaded it up for me and were so excited to chat.  Erica ran into them at the flea market this morning and they were asking how my bookcase worked out.  I love buying stuff from people that are so friendly and love what they do.  

It was a long day, 5 hours total, but was one of the most fun things I think Erica and I have done in a long time.  I would say we are hooked.  I can't wait to come back down for a visit and do it all again.  Erica bought at least twice as much stuff as me.  You guys are gonna love it.

I'm visiting my favorite party, Thriftasaurus.  See you there!



  1. Oh auction fun! It's so hard to stay within budget when your coveted item comes up. Your bookcase is fantastic! Such classic beauty, well worth whatever your bid. Those big eyed kids paintings creep me out too, LOL! You do have to have stamina because every auction I've been to last most of the day, but great bargains at the end for sure. :) Pam

  2. Eeeks! I've always wanted a cuckoo clock but I'd only want it to make noise when I wanted it, too. I wonder if that's possible...

    Glad you had fun. I'm so bi polar that even ebay auctions stress me out! Ha-ha!

  3. You rocked it! The artwork/painting has such haunted eyes, I love it. The lawyers bookcase makes a great display case. Totally fab. I wish I had sisters like you.

  4. Love the lawyer book case! I must share that at my first auction, I BID against myself because I really want this pink bowl! LOL!! I did get it! The auctioneer was very nice! It's a great memory!
    Looks like you found lots of fun things!

  5. I think your hour stint at the auction was well worth it!

  6. Welcome to the world of auctions! They are one of my favorite things to go to and they do take a big chunk of time. I don't go to them out her, but have been to quite a few in the midwest when my parents lived in Kansas. Love the banter of the acutioneer, the people watching and bidding! I would have loved to have seen you two in action.

  7. That book is gorgeous! I am a sucker for illustrations like that.

  8. It was such fun going to the auction with you through this post. Love all your "wins"! The big-eyed child is a tad creepy, though.

  9. Great job girls! The bookcase is so beautiful! I've never been to an auction! Somehow I think I better stay away! lol
    Your dolls with the cute faces were carnival prizes! Aren't they so sweet?
    I can't wait to see what Erica got too.
    Erica :)

  10. It's fabulous that your first auction was such a terrific experience! And you got quite a haul! Those clocks remind me of one that my grandparents had in their kitchen, I vividly remember how much I liked to hear it ring in the hours! :) --Fran

  11. I'm glad you guys had a way better experience than me. Next time I'm bringing someone to get into trouble with for sure!
    Those dolls are terrifying! What is with the crazy dolls lately? Hahahaha! Glad you got the bookcase you wanted. It's lovely and looks great all filled up with treasures.

  12. Love auctions! Went to my first one last year, and it ended up being someone that I know's estate. It was a little weird, but fun! I also have a taxidermy owl- it was my father-in-law's.