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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thrifting Our Way Home

The three of us girls got up bright and early Sunday morning and after a yummy breakfast at our hotel, we headed down I5 toward my house.

It was kind of a pain because Sister and I were driving separate cars so we decided to have her park off of the exits we were taking and hop into my car.  When the Thrifter Sisters thrift, we have to stay together!

Alex was pretty excited when I told him I found another souvenir glass for my collection.  Why would a 16 year old boy be excited for a vintage glass?  It's from Oklahoma, the home of his favorite college football team.  Yes, I know.  We are from Oregon.  We are not Duck fans.  I actually love the faded out condition of this tin.  It's perfect to hold clothespins outside.  The pet food jars were from a recycle store.  We went in looking for a faucet and came out with these jars instead.  Talk about random.

I see these old thermoses quite a bit but have never picked any up because I haven't come across any that I liked.  This one is perfect for my 4th of July decorating.  The crazy little planter is the second one I have thrifted as is the egg tin.

When thrifting. I almost always find clothes for either myself or Miss Maddie.  I just never share them because this blog is about vintage thrifting!  But I am making this exception.  I couldn't pass up this handmade little boy's western shirt.  It is going straight into my Baby Box For Sisters Future Baby after it gets washed.  Boy or girl, this is getting worn!

Just what I needed!  Another Butterprint Serve & Store casserole dish!  I am not being sarcastic.  You cannot have too many of these.  The Fire King bowl was a mess but cleaned up nicely.  I have seen it at this particular thrift for the past few weeks but have passed it up because it was a little pricey.  The tag was finally the right color for 50% off.

There is a certain Goodwill in a town off of the I5 corridor that always, and I mean always, has vintage glassware.  Every single time I go, I find at least one piece.  Well on Sunday, I found 6 pieces.  My favorite is the turquoise instrument glass.  I have nothing like it.  My second favorite is the tall tumbler next to it.  I love my vintage glasses but they are a little small to hold a proper Vodka & Lemonade.  This will do the trick!

I am pretty sure that none of these items are old but something about the cherry coffee cup caught my eye.  Maybe the vibrant colors?  The eggs are a little Beatrix Potter-ish and they look pretty dang cute with the rest of my decorations.

We made one stop at an antique mall on our way home.  Maddie found the Cappy book.  I have never seen this book before and all of the photos of Cappy are fuzzy.  It's so cute!  She also collects these weird little mama and baby figurines.  I think they are kind of creepy but she loves them.  And tell me that you could pass up this cheerful little chick planter.  Just look at that smile!

There was a whole display case full of these plastic candy holders by the register at the antique mall.  I had to grab a few.

So this particular antique mall is my most favorite that I have ever been to and believe me, I have been to a lot! It's only 45 minutes from my house and I try and visit a couple of times a year.  Want to know why?  Not only is it huge and full of all of the vintage things that I love to collect, it has the largest selection of Pyrex that I have EVER seen!  Every other booth has Pyrex in it and some are only Pyrex!  Enough said.
So what kind of Pyrex Thrifter Sister would I be if I didn't come home with at least one piece?
Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she wonderful?  Sorry, whenever I look at her, that Stevie Wonder tune starts playing in my head.  This is the Pink Stripe 402.  I have the 401 so now all I need is the 403 and I'll have the whole set.  Wish me luck.  I will need it.
In a couple of weeks, this store will have their annual customer appreciation sale where every booth is 10-40% off.  I could have waited to buy this but I know from past experience, this particular seller puts her booth at the lowest percentage off that she has to, 10%.  Plus, I'm sure this beauty would have been gone by then.  Oh the nightmares I would have had!
So that's all this Thrifter Sister picked up.  But I can tell you that Hanna got some great stuff too.  I'm sure she will be sharing it all with you soon.

I will be joining Sue for Rednesday & Suzanne for Vintage Thingie Thursday

Until next time!



  1. What a weekend and a load of treasures! I know next to nothing about pyrex (I'm learning...) but I have come across bowls like the pink stripe 402 (in blue) and they're my favorite. They remind me of ticking stripe fabric.

  2. Awesome finds. I love the shirt, but I am a fabric freak. My daughters and I have gone out a couple of times in the last few days. I can't wait until you see the Pyrex I found. They are getting cleaned up and photographed in the next few day to post in the coming week. I love following your thrift trips.

  3. The *respected name* in pet food! All nice finds, but the jars crack me up.

  4. Great finds!! I have yet to find any good vintage things at thrift stores around here, so I don't bother anymore. You are fortunate!!

    Wise to grab that bowl now because you are right. It would of most likely of been gone. It is a cool bowl!!

  5. Sister Hanna is so lucky to have a thrifting sister like you!! Love it all!

  6. Love the pink and white strip bowl I'm happy looking at the photo, I can only imagine how happy you must be to own it!

  7. My fav is that pink & wht striped bowl.

  8. I would say you did pretty well junking up and down from Portland and south. I rarely stop as I drive up and down 1-5, but I guess I need to...good finds! Curious what the antique mall you love is...45 minutes from your house..trying to figure out my geography!

  9. Every time I see a post from you girls in my reader, I give a little gasp and then I click! It's *almost* as good as being able to go thrifting myself! :)

  10. How much for the the pink stripes? I found the blue stripes in an antique mall - it was $25. Someone was also selling it on kijiji & they wanted $25. Looks like the going rate around here.

    Such great finds - love the chained up deer with the hair. Now I need that set. The vintage Easter candy holders are killer - just what I've been looking for!

  11. My goodness you sisters and your fabulous finds! Love the thermos and the pink stripe Pyrex! Lovely pastel pink just in time for Easter!

  12. Seriously, what amazing finds....my heart was skipping a beat or two. What cute planters, oh, so sweet. I need a storage unit or two to house all of my collections.....it is hard to leave great finds on the shelves! Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!

  13. I love the Pansy canister...never seen that one! Something to look for. ;) Also, love the pink stripe. I have that thermos only with a red lid...I love it!

  14. One thing for sure your outing was a huge success. Great finds. I have been looking for me one of the old thermos, but no luck.

  15. Looks like you had a very successful thrifting adventure! Loving the pink stripe Pyrex mixing bowl and those vintage Easter candy holders~ I never seen things like that up here!
    Happy Easter!!

  16. You gals never disappoint. You ALWAYS find good stuff! I couldn't possibly pick a favorite, but that pink Pyrex sure is a winner. Isn't she precious?!?
    Happy Easter,