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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Few Fabulous Finds

Happy Saturday!
I've been so jealous of all of Sister's finds and it is torture when you get text messages during work that say things like, "Butterprint 401 and 402 at SVDP."  So each day if I have time I've been heading to my Goodwill that for being in such a small community I feel like has a pretty good turnover.  I've found a few things, so here we go! 

 I picked up a $1.99 grab bag of Easter goodies.  These are my first Beistle honeycomb decorations.  There was also some flowered ribben, a few little ornaments, and a velvety rabbit to craft with.

It took me like 20 minutes even though the directions on this little guy were really clear, but I finally got the honeycombs open.  Isn't she sweet?
I wanted to get Sister this donkey, but $12.99, really?  I guess sometimes donkeys do get left behind.
6 unopened packages of wrapping paper.  5 of them are Strawberry Shortcake and I'm pretty sure they are scented because they were sitting next to me when I was writing this and I swear I smelled something sweet.  The other is clown paper.  Clowns usually freak me out.  This is the first time I found clowns to be cute.
What do you think?

I also found 2 Walt Disney books.  These originally came in a box set of 4, so I really need to find the other two! 

Such cute animations!  
But here is my best find of all!  I think someone out there was feeling sorry for me having to listen to all of Sister's beautiful Pyrex finds.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is a pink 403 mixing bowl.  That is 2 down and 2 to go for me on this set.  And of course we all know, you can never have too many refrigerator dish lids.I hope I keep getting lucky, even if the finds are few and far between.  Good luck to you guys too!

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  1. Oh those honey comb goodies are cute! and yes, it looks like the Pyrex fairies had mercy on you! ;)

  2. Congrats on the pink bowl...she's a beauty! And a frdgie lid? I've NEVER found that loose in a thrift.

  3. That pink bowls looks so nice and shiny! I just found my first "old" fridgie lid today - so exciting!

  4. Great finds. I'm jealous. I love honeycomb stuff and it's hard to find in good condition. I hardly ever find vintage Easter. :( Lucky!!!

  5. Oh I love your wrapping paper find! Strawberry Shortcake was my daughter's favorite character as a girl. Always amazing to find good Pyrex!
    hugs, Linda

  6. I had those two disney books as a kid! They were well used in our family. Great finds!

  7. That honeycomb display is so great! I love all the pre-1965 Disney stuff, the drawings were so much more detailed and better!

  8. I love the honeycomb decorations, I definately says Easter!!!Such cute paper too.


  9. Honeycomb decorations always remind me of when I was little. I think my neighbors had dozens of them for every holiday. Congrats on your pink mixing bowl! It looks like it's in great shape too, awesome!

  10. I never see vintage Easter, you are so lucky!!

  11. Lots of fun thrifted treasures. I love the vintage Easter decorations. Thank you for sharing at TTF.

  12. Sister may be feeling a little bit jealous now Hanna. Love the honeycomb bunny basket. A couple years ago I found a honeycomb Easter egg. I hang it from the window frame in my entry. You really found some fun things and I love the Pyrex! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Wow! Lucky to get Strawberry Shortcake scented wrapping paper. Birthday's in August, BTW.

    Love the Pyrex - fab finds. So great to find a fridgie lid by itself. The honeycomb decorations are just beautiful.

  14. Those are so cute!

    Trying to catch up with Pink Saturday entries.

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    PINK Mug and leave me some remark. Your comment is always appreciated.

  15. Good for you on the bowl! Looks like it's in great shape, too. I think the wrapping paper is adorable. :)

  16. Great finds! I stumbled upon your blog recently (I'm an avid thrifter too!) and love it! I recently just found the Disney Worlds of Nature book and picked it up because I loved the cover. However, I got it home and had no room for it in the bookcase and then wondered why I actually picked it up. I was thinking of donating it, but if you'd like, I could send it your way and then you'd just have to find the last book in the set! That way it would find a good home and I didn't pick it up for nothing! :)