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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Before We Get Plucky......

So I am going to tell you all something that may make you decide that you don't like the Thrifter Sisters very much.  You will all be so green with envy you won't be able to stand it.  Ready?

This Saturday, Maddie, Hanna, & I are all headed to Portland for the Plucky Maidens Spring Fling Junk Fest.  Hanna missed out when Maddie and I went to the Christmas show so she is pretty excited to get to go to this one. We are all staying at a fancy hotel and having a fun girls weekend.

But that is not what will make you hate us.

Before the show on Saturday, we are meeting the one and only Laurie of Magpie Ethel fame for lunch and a tour of her fabulous studio that we have all gone gaga over on her fabulous blog.  Maddie and I got to meet Laurie at the last Plucky show and have kept in touch ever since.  We are all so excited to get together.

So if you haven't slammed your computer shut with jealousy, thanks for sticking around!  Your reward?  Some wonderful recent thrifting finds, of course!

This is one of the photos that I never got around to showing all of you from last Summer's garage sale season.  I remember this sale very clearly only because it was in a super tiny 2 story condo that was only 1000 square feet total!  They let everyone in at once and every single woman in line ran to the kitchen, me included.  I managed to snag the juice glass and that's about it.  There was no Pyrex so I thought I'd check back later.  I headed outside where the sign said the "tools" were and found the bunny planter and box of staples for my 4th of July decorating.  I did one more walk through of the kitchen and that's where I found the pink lidded jar marked HA for Hazel Atlas! How could all those ladies miss this?!  Maybe the screws distracted them from its beauty.  It now sits on my bathroom counter minus the screws.  Call me crazy but it is one of my favorite finds of the Summer.

Goodwill had all their "Fashion Jewelry" marked 50% off last week.  It took some digging but I managed to unearth some amazing vintage necklaces!

My newest obsessions are vintage sheets and pillowcases!  I have a king size bed so the sheets don't ever fit but that doesn't stop me from buying them.  I've been scrolling through Pinterest and have found some amazing projects to do with them.  I gave Sister one and she made me some awesome pillow covers.

Isn't she so talented?  Believe me, I am going to be keeping her busy making me things this Summer!  I hope you all don't mind seeing lots of photos in the future of my latest obsession. I seem to have no trouble finding these beautiful linens at the thrifts and sales.

Remember a few weeks ago when I went with Brian to Vancouver because he had to take a class?  I was so excited to thrift in a new area.  I was sadly disappointed.  The prices up North are CRAZY!!  I did not buy a single thing from any of the thrift stores I went to.  I am seriously spoiled in my little corner of the Pacific Northwest.  Here, Starbucks coffee mugs still go for 49 cents at SVDP and Goodwill.  Up in Portland and Vancouver, they are $2.99!.  So I figured that since I was seeing antique mall prices, maybe I should be in an actual antique mall.  So off to Stars & Monticello I went.

Yay!  5 new mica birds.  Don't they all look like they are singing you a tune?

The egg actually came from my local Goodwill.  The Golden Egg Book was found in Portland for Miss Maddie.

I had to buy this Easter basket not only because it reminded me of the one that I had at my Grandma Gloria's house when I was little but because it came filled with the honeycomb eggs.

I very rarely find any vintage Easter at the sales around here so when the antique mall sellers put it out in the Spring, I try to pick it up.  I love these little plastic candy holders.  My collection of them is slowly growing.  I will show you all some pictures next week.

It's getting late, blog friends.  Time to round up the animals and the kids and get them into bed.  I'm not even going to try to pry Alex away from March Madness so I'll just have to corral Maddie.

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Talk to you all soon!



  1. Jealous this week? Hah!! Well, I am jealous with just about every post - I can only imagine all the treasures you are going to find this weekend. Have fun!

  2. Have a great time!! I would love to go to the fair AND I would love to meet Laurie! Actually, I would love to met any fellow blogger!! Take lots of pictures!!! I too love vintage sheets!!


  3. That Laurie is making the rounds these days! Have a great time! Those Easter-colored mica birds are awesome.

  4. So many wonderful things! I LOVE it when bloggers get together in real life, as a matter of fact Patricia and I are already planning a visit to Missouri Michael's (of Cul-de-Sack shack blog) this summer! Hope you Gals have fun!

  5. What great Easter finds! Gosh they seem so few and far between around my parts this season. Have fun plucking away this weekend.

  6. What FUN to meet up with Laurie and nice finds! Easter ones are very sweet!

  7. Shut the pluck up! I'll never not like The Thrifter Sisters. Have fun this weekend.. bring home some goodies.

    & ONLY 1,000 square feet? That's huge!! There are some condos here that are 600 square feet & $100,000's! We lived in one once that was just under 600 square feet, rented, tho. It was small... would have loved 1,000 square feet.

    (i don't know if i italics code works, if i doesn't, i'm not gonna edit/delete my post)

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  9. Well I hope the tour lives up to the hype...sheesh you make it sound like one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Drive safe and see you at 1!
    ps. love that bunny planter

  10. We could never hate the Thrifter Sis's!!

    Vancouver, WA or Canada?

  11. You're right. I hate you. No I don't, I love you gals! I'm just extremely jealous! Laurie is so nice and extremely talented, and I'd love to be able to meet her in person. Can't wait to hear all about it and see your big junkin' haul!