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Monday, January 9, 2012

When Hunting for Pyrex Don't Forget to Look Down!

While on a Pyrex hunt on Saturday, we stumbled upon a thrift store on the Oregon Coast that was open before 10 am!  This is a very rare occurance in our area.  After walking around for a little while all I had found was a little milk glass tea cup and this Pyrex coffee mug

Although I hadn't found anything else, I was pretty happy with this mug.  What caught my eye was it was marked "Pyrex Double Tough".  I had never seen anything else like it so the trip into the shop wasn't a total loss.  Then, as we were walking out, my brother in law held up a cup he had pulled out of a box on the floor and said "This says Pyrex on it"
So cute!  A Butterfly Gold coffee mug.  I have several of these already but my sister didn't so she was really excited that he had found it.  We walked over to the box where he had pulled it out of to see if there were any more and this is what we saw

OMG!  Is this an entire box of Pyrex coffee mugs?!!!
No.  It's an entire box of Pyrex coffee mugs AND Pyrex creamers AND Pyrex sugar bowls AND a Pyrex gravy boat.  All marked Pyrex (not Corelle which makes a big difference to me).  And these are the heavier thicker pieces.  Each was marked $.50 so that would have put the whole box at $13.50.  Well guess what?  We asked the lady at the counter what she would take for the whole box and she said "Is $5.00 okay?"  Okay?!!  Are you kidding?  We gave her the $5.00 and RAN for the car before she changed her mind.  Now not everybody might think we got that great of a deal.  I mean really, how many coffee mugs and creamers does one person need?  But since we had just started to collect, this was the mother load!  We both walked by the box and didn't even give it a second glance.  Moral of the story....Always look down when hunting for Pyrex!

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