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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not Too Exciting.....

I recently read somewhere that Tuesday was the best day for thrifting.  The shelves are re-stocked from the weekend and most working people don't have Tuesdays off.  Unfortunately for me, that wasn't entirely the case yesterday.  I did find a few goodies though
I found this Pyrex Honeysuckle dish at St. Vincents.  It was SO dirty that I was convinced I'd never get it clean but at the $2.50 price tag, it was worth a shot.  After lots of scrubbing and soaking, it is almost perfect.  Now if I could just find a lid (945 C25 if you happen to come across one, Sister).
I also picked up the Early American and Compass snack servers.  These were also 50% off yellow tag and I got both of them for 6 bucks.  AAAAAAGH!  Two more snack server lids to add to my "Need" list.  Why or why are these lids so hard to find?
I bought this Town & Country 4-quart Cinderella bowl at Goodwill for 50% off and was really excited that I had found the large bowl to the set I am trying to complete.  Then I got home and saw that I needed the 4-quart regular mixing bowl.  Oh well, now I have a new set to try to put together.
Yes, another nut chopper!  This time in orange.  Sister, if you are really nice to me, I might let you have this one.  I also got this pink glass cake stand.  It is in absolutely perfect condition.  It's unmarked so I am going to have to do a little research to see if it is depression glass.  If it's not old, I don't care.  It's so pretty & I love it!

Sister, I know that you really want to go to the casino this weekend, but you need to save your pennies!  We go to Vegas in 5 weeks! 

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